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family Holiday to Johor via Traveloka

Holiday to Johor via Traveloka

Assalamualaikum,   “Ibu, Asyad nak pergi jalan-jalan!“(Mother, I want to go sightseeing!) , “Ibu, seronok kan dulu mandi kolam yang ada hotel tu?“(Mother, it was great swimming in the pool at the hotel right?). These are just some of the things that my son Arsyad says to me almost every weekend or during his school …

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travel Excitement


Assalamualaikum. The date of our vacation is getting nearer. I can’t help but be excited that is yet to come. I can’t wait to get away from office work! I want to go on holiday, leisure and free from work stress. I wonder how my son will behave on the plane. It is going to …

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