photography Easy photo printing from phone with Droprint

Easy photo printing from phone with Droprint

  Assalamualaikum,   Hi readers! Fancy something to preserve your moments with for this coming Eid? Or any special and ordinary moments in your life. Droprint photo print service is the answer you are looking for.   I love my photographs in hard copy. Its nice to look at and the feel when IĀ hold them …

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baby Of craziness

Of craziness

Assalamualaikum. Photo source : Sweet Melissa Photography Lately, I’ve been crazy about baby stuffs. Who can help it right? It’s going to be my first baby. Even my parents are crazy about baby stuffs now. Good for me cos I can save money when the grandparents are buying. Hahah. One more thing that I’ve been …

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photography Photos! Blog!

Photos! Blog!

Assalamualaikum. This is my photo blog. Click image to view. Just about some interesting stuffs I want to capture and share. Warning : Not a professional photography blog. Hehe. Tweet

me O happy day

O happy day

Assalamualaikum. Happy to announce that I am married! Here are some pictures. I will add more and tell more about the day later. Tweet

miscellaneous Beautiful kids photography

Beautiful kids photography

Assalamualaikum. For parents, being able to photographs your children are really precious. There was a time in Europe, where the time is the early years in photography, taking a picture is really expensive that it was considered a luxury for the rich people. Knowing this, the only chance for them to capture the photos are …

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