mobile phone Pixajoy Photobook App x MOLPay

Pixajoy Photobook App x MOLPay

Assalamualaikum. How many of you have printed out all those digital pictures that you stored in your phone or pc? If somehow your phone was stolen or your pc broke, do you have a backup copy? The safe way to keep all the photos is to backup at cloud storage or print it out. Based …

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gadget My trusted phone

My trusted phone

Assalamualaikum. Well, this happened yesterday. my son decided that my phone needs a drink. So he makes my phone drinks orange juice. Huwaaaa. My phone is now broken. The touch screen is broken. The display is still fine but the touch screen is not functioning anymore. It can’t detect any touch interactions. Sponsor me a …

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gadget Crushed


Assalamualaikum. By the way, that is not a wallpaper. That is my phone screen, crushed after falling face down to the tar road. Pffft. What a day. All the functions aren’t affected except for that ugly cracked screen. I have only been using it for almost a year, I really don’t feel like buying a …

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mobile phone The new Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc

Assalamualaikum.  This is Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc. Launched on January 5th 2011 in Las Vegas, USA. No other phones have get me this excited. I can’t wait for the phone to come out in Malaysia.The slimness of this phone is at  8.7 mm with a 4.2 inch display. At 117 grams this really a neat …

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