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me Sunday blues

Sunday blues

Assalamualaikum.  How’s your day darlings? It’s the weekend yet I’m already feeling the blues. Can’t be monday blues is here already? The commute to work is tiring, I hate being crammed in the LRT. The good side of having to go to work by LRT nowadays is playing the Pokemon Go. I don’t play at …

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current news Back to work and blogging

Back to work and blogging

Assalamualaikum. It has been almost 2 weeks after Raya. I only had the time to catch up today, and hopefully tomorrow and the next day too. After the much needed vacation and the long awaited Hari Raya, we had enjoyed our holidays to the max. With extra leave days taken by emergency(emergency leave). Alhamdulillah this …

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fitness Raya mode

Raya mode

Assalamualaikum. Raya is coming. Here comes the traffic jams, the fireworks frenzy, and shopping time! Gyeahhh. How is your raya preparation so far? Mine haven’t started yet. Hahah. I’m gonna do a last minute shopping this year. Not only I don’t find this year raya fashion up to my type, I’m super busy that I’m …

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me Liars begone

Liars begone

Assalamualaikum. I wonder if it is appropriate. To give salam, then to scold afterwards. Hurmm So, liars. Liars. Liars everywhere. I am sure everyone have at least once in their lifetime encounters or deals with liars. Most of our politicians are liars too. It’s hard to avoid them, really. Not that I’m saying that I …

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current news Back to school 2016

Back to school 2016

Assalamualaikum. My Facebook’s news feed today is full with updates from parents sending their kids to their first day of school. Today is the first day of school for most school in Malaysia. Just seeing these updates reminds me how grown up I have been and my turn will be in 2 years to send …

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me Distractions


Assalamualaikum. Okay look at what we have here. Distractions. Everywhere. And that is only the things on screen not including on my phone, colleagues. From the picture above, I am actually trying to do work, which is editing a website, but then I got distracted remembering that I have yet to watch the latest Running …

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me My family, my strengths

My family, my strengths

Assalamualaikum, Today was supposed to be like any other Monday, the rush, the after effect of weekends, the laziness to go to work. But today, somehow, have become a great day after one unexpected meeting with my own sister, on my way to work. I was eating donuts at the erl station, waiting for my …

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me Spotify Top Hits Malaysia

Spotify Top Hits Malaysia

Assalamualaikum. Great song list for today. I’m not in a great mood, so stumbling upon this list really heals the bad mood. I hate being in a bad mood. Work is finally stressing me. Go away bad vibes, I need this job more than you could think. Here’s to looking forward to a great weekend. …

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me Yesterday was my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday

Assalamualaikum. Hey it rhymes! Not really in the mood to blog but feels like blogging something. So here we go, typing according to what comes in mind. So, yesterday was my birthday. My 30th birthday. I have officially entered the 3 series club. Being 30 scares me. I’m old. And it really feels like death …

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me Our Raya 2015

Our Raya 2015

Assalamualaikum. Eid Mubarak everyone! I believe everyone is still in festive mode while I’m typing this from my office. Only 3 people showed up today including me. Lame. So lame. Almost all shops around my office is still closed except for the mamaks. Eugh. I can’t eat those yet. My tummy still craving for lemang …

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