beauty Althea Raya Giveaway

Althea Raya Giveaway

Assalamualaikum, Hello lovelies! How is your Raya preparation so far? I have started shopping for Eid clothes for me and my two kids and done with 2 days of outfit so far. Hey, its Raya, so we need at least 3-4 days of Raya outfit right? But, I haven’t shop for any makeup yet! I …

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baby For breastfeeding mommies

For breastfeeding mommies

Assalamualaikum. This is specially made for all mak, ibu, mama, mom, umi, mother, mommy, momma, omma that breastfeed their daughter or son. Or even those mothers that feed other’s kids. Not only for mother’s that direct feed, but also for expressed mothers. Okay, for every mom that breastfeed to be simple. Heheh. I have made …

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giveaway Giveaway : Kraf Malinja Giveaway

Giveaway : Kraf Malinja Giveaway

Assalamualaikum. Another giveaway! woot! Kraf Malinja is having a giveaway that ends on 7th May 2011. Kraf Malinja sells custom made felt craft. I have been thinking of doing felt craft for some time now since last year. I have been telling myself to wait until I got married and then I can proceed to …

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giveaway Giveaway : mY woNd3rFul Liv3 Giveaway Contest

Giveaway : mY woNd3rFul Liv3 Giveaway Contest

Assalamualaikum. Mrs Aida from mY woNd3rFul Liv3 is having a give away at the time and guess what? I decided to join! Well ain’t that exciting. For me I mean. Hahah. This giveaway is to celebrate her being pregnant for the 3rd time! Congrats Mrs Aida! I love pregnant woman, they have that blissfull and …

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