baking Home Made Jamu Kempis Perut

Home Made Jamu Kempis Perut

Assalamualaikum, Jamu Kempis Perut or roughly translated to Flat Tummy Herb If you have been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you would know that I have made a home made herb drink before too. Jamu Asam Kunyit recipe here. I am a Jamu lover. I love the effects and I consider it more …

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baking Significant Other birthday cake

Significant Other birthday cake

Assalamualaikum. I made this cake, with lots of love, mind you! Haha. The recipe is easy enough for a beginner like me. Thanks to the owner of this recipe, Anna Qawina. Significant Other loved it. Apparently, he actually loves all the cakes that were made at home by me or him. Dear Son loves it too. …

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