10 Reasons Minimalism Could Be Right For You

10 Reasons Minimalism Could Be Right For You

Minimalism is not just an abstract concept. For some, it is a way of life. It is the belief that less is better; that the less you have, the more satisfaction you will derive from life. In a world continually appreciates the excess, minimalism is an antithesis to the gluttony of consumerism. For example, you learn that you don’t need a penthouse in Marina Bay. Whether you have a sengkang hdb or a small apartment in Yishun, you learn to appreciate what you have and what truly matters in life.

Read on for some reasons that minimalism could be right for you.

  1. Guarantees success at a young age

The minimalistic lifestyle encourages you to have a clearer picture of your life’s goals. It trains the mind and body to focus on the things that matter in life. In turn, this helps you be more determined in what you want to pursue in life by allowing you to find joy in pursing “better” rather than “more”.

  1. Peace of mind

Minimalism means the rejection of all things that don’t matter. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you worry about your stuff until you let it all go. When you’re not continuously bogged down by the excess stress and noise of things that don’t really matter, you have more and emotional energy that allows you to have space in your mind to really appreciate the things that do matter. The absence of all the extra noise allows you to focus more on the things that are really important in your life. This results in a freer, healthier and cleaner mind free of mental distractions. Truly, sometimes you don’t even realize all that you’re holding on to, and then you let it all go and realize that you’re suddenly free.

  1. Impulse control

When you start thinking about what you truly value in your life, you start having control over your impulses. The age-old adage think before you speak is sometimes a challenge for a lot of people. People often think that they don’t have control over their impulses. Little do they know that impulse control is not a matter of personality or temperament, but a matter of discipline. Minimalism promotes calmer thoughts and clutter-free minds. This allows you to have the mental capacity to empathize with others and value other people more. This helps you be more interpersonal and understanding, reminding you to always seek the best in others.

  1. Health and happiness

The minimalist lifestyle means that you live easier with less on your hands and on your plate. You sleep more, you work less, you feel less stress about material possessions. This in turn, means that you are able to find and see the happiness in the little things in life. When you truly begin embracing life for what it is instead of for what you have, you begin to see the life that you are living. This instills a sense of deep appreciation for what you have and what you have done for yourself, and for the world at large.

  1. There is less debt management

When you live with less, you own less, you pay for less and you owe less. The lifestyle that comes with minimalism allows you to be able to be free of material possessions. Minimalism encourages you to only pay for what you truly value in life. You won’t be tied up in debt caused by the need to have expensive designer clothing, or a large house to show off your wealth. In essence, it allows you to have more financial freedom for things that do matter, such as retirement planning.

  1. Better relationships

When you are attuned to letting the things that don’t matter go, you understand what truly brings value to your life. This allows you to have a better understanding of yourself, less anxiety and more freedom, which in turn improves the relationships you have. The positivity that minimalism instills in you is bound to leak off and touch the people around you. You will have richer friendships and more meaningful relationships, because you will have learned to let the silly little things go.

  1. There is a lot more free time

The less you have in your home, the less time you spend cleaning it. The less you have on your mind, the less time you waste thinking about it. It is clear that a minimalist lifestyle allows you to have more free time on your hands, both physically and mentally. This regained time can be put to better use, such as in furthering your talent or dreams.

  1. Once in a lifetime experiences

Instead of spending money on possessions, minimalism encourages you to have the freedom to spend your money in experiences. You are able to curate experiences and travel more often when you’re not tied down by debt. You will have the ability to take a part of your salary each money to set aside for curating experiences that will be truly memorable. You never regret spending your money in an experience.

  1. A more nuanced understanding of responsibility

Minimalism promotes a more nuance understanding of the most important responsibility – to yourself. You learn how to care for your spiritual and emotional self, which transcends the physical. When you’re not suffocating in clutter, you have more space to listen to what your spirit is telling you.

  1. Better sense of self

We often think that it is what we own, what we have, that defines who you are. For example, people often think that when they can afford an expensive home or designer labels, then that means they have really made it. However, this is ludicrous, as what truly defines you is who you are and not what you have. When you stop letting material possessions define you, your self-worth will come from somewhere inside you that is deeper and much more secure. And that is something that no one can put a price on.

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