Planning a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu

Planning a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu


Hello readers! Have u ever been to Sabah? Or Kota Kinabalu to be specific? Kundasang has been the latest hype these days as the must-go-place when going to Sabah. Located just nearby to Kota Kinabalu, the beautiful countryside scenery which people compares to New Zealand is a scene not to be missed and its in Malaysia too! Why travel far when you haven’t experienced the beauty of your own country.

kundasang cattle
Photo credit : Safartrips

As for why I was looking around to go to Kundasang,¬† I have a family trip to plan for. My darling niece wants to go on an airplane so bad as well as my second boy. Family trips for us is a huge thing to plan as we have a HUGE family altogether. 7 siblings + parents + in laws + nephews and nieces. The huge challenge will be getting cheap air tickets for sure. Tickets to Sabah and Sarawak have hiked up a lot these past few years. Good thing there’s a lot flight ticket comparison website out there to do the job for us.

Ohh and I really want to go mountain climbing. Been wanting to do so since forever. The mountain Kinabalu itself man! Maybe my parents can help me take care for my kids while I go mountain climbing. Just for 2 days 1 night mak~~ Haha.

Lets do some rough plan shall we?

  1. Get Flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu
  2. Book hotel/resort/chalet/homestay/banglo
  3. Find transport to travel on ground while in Sabah
  4. Eat great seafood!
  5. Plan where to go
  6. Pack stuff to go for a trip

I have been to Kota Kinabalu on the year 2003. That is 15 years ago. What I remembered about Sabah was the beautiful serene ocean and great seafood. I went for kayaking and swimming in the ocean and go to the night market for good cheap seafood. Well, I can’t say I enjoy most of my time there I was busy competing for my university’s extreme challenge. I got so well burned that time. Oh yeah need to remember to bring a good sunblock. And USE it.

Talking about where to go, here’s my list of place of interest in Kota Kinabalu.

  1. Kundasang Dairy Farm
    Need we say more? New zealand like cattle farm and mountain scenery. Imagine the beautiful instagram friendly background you can get there.
  2. Kota Kinabalu National Park
    Located in ranau, this is the oldest national park in Malaysia. Guarantee to fill in my thirst for jungle trekking and spending time with nature.
  3. Tamparuli upside down house and town
    Saw some pictures that its a cool place to visit. And not to mention I have never been to an upside down house before. *shy*
  4. Ranau tandem paragliding
    Woohoo! That would cross off one of my bucket list! Not only you can enjoy the paragliding experience, it comes with a and awesome mountain scenery.
  5. Mountain Kinabalu
    Well its in Kota Kinabalu National Park but this location deserves a number on its own as I really want to go here. I can get my sister and brother in law to come too as they both hikes a lot. Round twice a month they will go for hiking. *jealous*
  6. Pasar Filipina
    To buy all that yummy dry seafood! Anchovies and dry prawns especially.
  7. Kota Kinabalu Waterfront
    You can find one of a kind crafts by locals at this market, ranging from pearls to basket, bags and a lot more. There’s a lot of jewellery to be found here girls! #girltips
  8. Pulau Tiga
    Touted as the survivor island as it was being used for the filming of the Survivor reality show series. The island itself features it’s own volcanic mud bathing. Good for the skin after a long trip.
Photo credit : Pakej Pulau Malaysia

Too many destinations too little time. As what my friends always said, “I need my vitamin sea”. Kota Kinabalu not only have sea, it comes also with sun and sand. So, sun, sea, sand. Perfect getaways.

Now hopefully, this plan will be realised soon. Off to pick a date where everyone is available while trying my best to get that cheap air tickets.


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