Deleting Facebook

Deleting Facebook


I’m sure you have heard the rumours that Mark Zuckerberg is deleting facebook. But I don’t believe that will happen anytime soon. Too much monetisation people got from it as a platform for business and also marketing. Nope. Facebook got too much money from us anyways as well as they have benefited us as well in creating business platforms, free voice place, and connecting friends and family. The base of it all right. Connecting friends and family.

Well, this post is actually about me still thinking whether I should delete not only my Facebook account, all social media accounts for the matter and getting the result that I want, which is deleting my online presence in whole. I came across this thought after watching Sense 8 drama series from Netflix where a character from the show was given an e-Death. Which means deleting and removing all of her data on online systems and database in the world. Means that when you search her name, in Google for example , you won’t get a hit of her name. Well, not the real ones anyways as some people have same name with other people. No photos of you, no history of stupid timeline shares and shameful blog post.

sense 8 e death

The fact that I’m writing this on my blog means I’m still thinking about it. Cos the modern world nowadays have already been cater to social credit systems like what happens in China. That is straight from Netflix’s Black Mirror series. Except for the nice UI on the apps and crazy same colour spectrum clothes people wear on the series. If an e-Death means I would have no data whatsoever, that will be low credit ranking for me. Like when you want to apply for a bank loan, but you got denied cos you have a low credit ranks as you never had any loans/credit score before. Well, that would be bad in the future don’t you think?

But I’m actually tired of getting stalked on social media. It have impacted a lot of my real social life. I have already deleted a few of my social accounts. And trying to eliminate most of my presence online. I really should have keep it simple since the beginning and not show too much of my self to the public. But blogging job requires me to do so previously. Lets just clean up what I can. And make life private again.


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