Being a blogger

Being a blogger


It has been almost 2 months since my last post. That’s a record of the longest time I didn’t blog. Why didn’t I?

One, I don’t have inspiration to blog. I didn’t go anywhere, don’t eat anything special worth mentioning in my blog, and there was no extra special occasion which worth mentioning in my blog. Really, Salma? Hurm..

Two, I am occupied with other things. I now have 2 games that I play daily while I also study at home after work. To just pick my phone and write something is kinda hard. I can manage to do so if I have about 30 minutes to spare, like right now. I missed my bus and now I need to wait for half an hour. Haha.

Three, priorities. Blogging used to be my source of income while I was jobless early last year. But now, I got a job which I must concentrate to and I am also trying to level up my career now. I took courses to learn advance programming and design. I am in IT industry, a field where the technologies moves very fast and if I don’t improve, I will be left behind and I really don’t want that. I want to better at what I do.

I can’t think of any more reasons. I did consider of making blogging my second job but I have to reschedule my blogging and also blog daily or more to get steady review jobs or event invitations. It was fun back then, attending events and doing reviews, but I am now working full time so I can’t go to that approach anymore. Guess I need to work out something else if I still want to continue blogging. Renewing this domain every year cost money so I should weight my options more huh? To continue blogging or just let go. I don’t even have loyal followers I think. Haha. My visitors are a mercy of Google and my good SEO. Hehe.

Okay till then my bus is here. Here’s a picture. Bye.

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