Tell me, what is your deepest desire?

Tell me, what is your deepest desire?

A quote from Lucifer Morningstar from the TV show Lucifer. Season 3 is here! Hehe.


Me, afterlife desire, a place in heaven. To earn a place in heaven, we Muslims believe that we have to do good deeds and in return we will secure a place in heaven.¬†Worldly desire, hurmm. A lot. ¬†Number 1 would be money. I’m working hard every day to make sure I earn enough to save for my kid’s future savings as well as help my parents if even just for a bit. This year, I have been focusing a lot on my career, learning and educate myself to improve my skills on web programming. It sucks that I don’t have time to do application development for mobile any more but I am planning to do an app soon.

An old colleague of mine point to me that it is a waste that I have the skill but I don’t use it. Well thanks for the reminder bro and insyaAllah I’ll start a new project soon or maybe I’ll just continue my old project. My Sumayyah Project. Haha.

Owh, did you watch Lucifer? Here is a link on Netflix.

I don’t have the time and energy to watch many series, so I only watch this during my daily commute back home from work, on the bus. Series I currently watching is Lucifer, The Mist, and I’m waiting for Stranger Things new episode later end of this month.

Tell me, what is your deepest desire?


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