Review | Elysium sport’s scarves

Review | Elysium sport’s scarves



I used to be active in outdoor activities before I was married. One of the thing that we ladies are very particular about daily is our scarves.


The need of a comfortable scarves during working out while looking fabulous is one of the never ending needs of us woman. The usual bawal square scarves is always either to slippery, or too hot. And wearing a shawl is really uncomfortable. We wouldn’t want to use more than 1 pin at a time doing outdoor activities and getting adventurous wouldn’t we?



Breathable and elegant, Elysium scarves has affordable pricing for everyone. It is a must have for taking a hike with, hiking, trekking, camping and just working out. Created by PTT Outdoor which is well known as one of the main seller of outdoor gear in Malaysia. PTT Outdoor call-brand it, Jacqueline.K and the first series is called Elysium that stands for beauty and elegance in Greek.




After trying Elysium scarves I can say that the material is very comfortable. It is actually very lightweight that it almost feels like a second skin. I wore it during a run/jogging and I’m glad that they it fits well and doesn’t move around while I was running. The spandex material used for Elysium contributes to the cooling effect it have and it also a quick dry.



Imagine u went to a camping and then get sweaty and stuffs after activities or you just felt like jumping in the water to have fun. After the activities usually your scarves will get you to a new one. How many pieces of scarves then that you need to bring? Having Elysium means that you can just have one as it is quick dry, just hang it and will dry less than an overnight. Perfect dry scarves for next day activity!



For me, this scarf is a great product and a staple for us ladies. As for now, I just wore this to do chores around the house as the scarf is actually much shorter than how I like to wear my scarves. It would be great if they have different sizes to accommodate different women’s preferences. Overall, it is nice and great for outdoor activities. Looking forward to their next line! Can’t have too many scarves can’t we?


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