A quick post

A quick post


Been a while since my last update eh? I have been super busy at work and I even got carried away doing work jobs at home. I’m also trying to focus in teaching Arsyad to read as he is going to begin standard 1 in primary school next year. He has been progressing well in his reading skills while in mathematics, hafazan, and iqra he is alhamdulillah very great. Right now he only need to focus on his reading, guess he doesn’t have his mom’s great love of books.

So from my side of life, I was reunited with my Uitm best friends and we keep our updates close with each other back again. I’m really thankful for this. Hey we went to watch the IT movie early this month! Yeahhh my fav kind of movie which is horror and also adaptations from my fav author Stephen King. The movie was great and there is a sequel to it. I love it!

I have been looking to sites which offers online courses and I have come to two that have the courses that I want to study but the cost have been making me rethink about my budget. One is from Coursera which cost 49 usd a month with only one specialisation but is well credited from universities. The other one is from Code academy which cost 19 usd and I can choose from many courses at it but no credits from any university. I’m still thinking though. The tabs have been on my browser from last week hahah. What do you think? Any opinion on this? Leave me a comment yeah.

Alrighty I’m going back to work. Till then and have a great day.

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