Review | EverSoft Cleansers That Do More

Review | EverSoft Cleansers That Do More


Hi everyone, today I am back with another skincare review! It was actually the first brand that I was introduced to back when I started using facial cleansers. Have you used EverSoft products before? My first cleanse back in Form 1 was EverSoft avocado range. Well, not the whole range, just the cleanser. Hahah. I have never used anything else other than cleanser until my University days at 19 years old. I was that noob and doesn’t really care of my appearance like kids these days. Kids these days can do make up and shaped their eyebrows at the age of 12. I can’t even make a perfect brows at my current age of 32 years old. Hahahah. Wonder when I can use the hash tag #eyebrowsonfleek.


Okay back to Eversoft. EverSoft have currently launched a new range of cleansers with the tag line cleansers that do more. The product packaging is really cute and vibrant. I love it. This is a face cleanser for oily and sensitive skin which is what my face skin type.


EverSoft 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner
The first product is EverSoft 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner. The product is made by 100% organic yuzu fruit. Upon pumping the cleanser on my hand, I can smell the citrus smells coming from this cleanser. Very refreshing smell as well as the cleanser itself really refreshed my skin. I have been using this cleanser daily now and I am loving it more and more very day. I rarely get any pimples anymore even during my menstrual period. I usually get the small types of pimple which we usually refers to sandy pimples, They are very small and usually a lot. But since I used this, my skin is free from pimples. Only sometimes a pimple will show itself for abit and then gone the next day.


This cleanser slash toner contains pink beads made from tea tree oil and vitamin E to pull dirt while yuzu fruits to calm sensitive skin, prevent new pimples and cleanse face. This special formulation help you skips one skin routine that is the toner. Just by using this you have cleanse and tone your face in one go. How awesome is that? I think this is one of the best face cleanser for acne.

The EverSoft 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner is free from paraben, SLS alcohol, as well well as any oil based mineral.

Priced at RM17.80 in the peninsular Malaysia and at RM18.70 in Sabah/Sarawak at size of 150ml.


Micellar Cleansing Water
The second product in my cute EverSoft box is the Micellar Cleansing Water. This 2 in 1 cleansing water is made by 100% organic tomato extract. The huge bottle of this make up remover and clenaser will last me for months. It is great to remove all kinds of make up I wear including waterproof makeup. While using this means you can skip the cleansing step, I am afraid I can’t skip cleansing my face with water at least cos it feels a bit sticky after usage and there’s sweet smell lingering after and I can’t stand that. Heheheh. I love the fresh feelings and no products smells after cleansing my face.


The EverSoft micellar cleasing water is water based with tomato extract. It helps your skin by reducing visible pores and freshen your skin. It contains bio-hyaluronic acid to lock hydration . There is really no need to wash your face after using the cleansing water. It helps you remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin your skin as well. What a value!



Priced at RM22.90 in the peninsular Malaysia and at RM 24.00 in Sabah/Sarawak at size of 300ml.

EverSoft 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner and Micellar Cleansing Water is available at all major stores in Malaysia. For more information do check their facebook fanpage here.

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