The magic of a birthday anniversary

The magic of a birthday anniversary


On 16th August 1985, I was born. Fast forward to today, it’s my birthday! It has been a great day since morning. Even after meeting with a crazy demanding client, my mood wasn’t scarred. Hence why I said that the day is magical. Everything just seems to go my way and I have never felt calmer than today since early this year.

I woke up early, I didn’t rush for my bus and lrt, I even had a decent breakfast. At the office, I was greeted with birthday wishes and smiles from my colleagues. As a new staff in the company, I felt distant at times with my colleagues as we are all still in the getting to know each other phase. I receive a birthday card from my colleagues! Wanna see?

Hehe. This is as good as it gets today. We had lunch together and my colleagues let me pick the place that I want to eat. I actually want to eat sushi but since I have lots of work to do then I just pick Kenny Rogers instead. There is also a buy 1 free 1 promotion today. So it’s a win win for all of us.

The magic keeps lingering all day until right now on my way back home from work. It felt like all my colleagues are helping me a lot today and not a single frown or complaint. Really nice, wasn’t it? I am really thankful for a great day at work and now I’m looking forward to see my kids at home.

Thanks to mak and abah for raising me to be this strong, great person that I am. Alhamdulillah for another year alive in this world. My wish for my birthday is that I will get slimmer, healthier, richer and find love. Haha. Till then netizens. Lots of love.

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