Workplace etiquette of our time

Workplace etiquette of our time


I have been in the IT industry since 2009. I have worked in 3 different companies so far. What I am going to share is my experience in the IT environment and the workplace etiquette that we should mind in the professional field. Here are some dos and don’ts in office:


  1. Dress conservatively especially if you work in an industry which requires formal attire.
    The IT industry comprises of many different departments, and the rules are always different between departments depending on the company’s leniency. Like in my department, the creative/design team, we are allowed to dress however we want, as we aren’t usually involved in meeting with the clients or management teams. We are free to wear casual wear and not strictly formal while keeping in mind that we need to look decent. So no wearing that short skirt or baggy pants that shows off your boxer yeah.

    Some may disagree of how we designers/developer dress to work and that we need to follow the formal office wear. I agree with that too cos sometimes we are forced to go to client’s side to fix their system error or stuffs like that. And wearing jeans with converse and a Coldplay concert t-shirt really gave a bad impression to client. So I usually keep a blazer at my office just in case. Dress professionally and hire an image consultant if needed, cos its your career in stake here. To level up or just stay at that position forever.

  2. Converse using correct grammar or better, business language.
    I find it annoying at times when my colleagues used Manglish or slang when communicating with clients. Or even with the higher managerial positions. It’s really unprofessional. I strive to improve my English by speaking with my best grammar and not just knock all the rules all over the place just because your friend is using Manglish.I started this blog as to improve my English writing skills too. I read to improve my grammar, then I wrote to practice while trying to converse using the my best grammar. I am not condemning anybody but let us improve ourself shall we?Please avoid adding lah, mah, wor, lor in your conversation if communication with other professionals or in formal situations. In casual conversation, please proceed as you like.

  3. Arrive early.
    Doesn’t matter if your office lets you finish 8 hours of job no matter the time you arrive. Arriving early shows that you have a good discipline. Employers love employees with good attendance record and punctual. I’ve known for a fact that most employers value their employee’s KPI with attendance record being some of the highest consideration points. Take for example at my current company, new staffs that is going to be confirmed after a probation period, will be getting different amount of increment based on their track records, and that includes your attendance pattern.Nowadays, attendance record are strictly recorded via thumbprint at main office entrance so it is hard to fake your attendance time not like during the punch card days on last few years.

  4. Don’t come to work if you are sick
    Well I understand that you want to make a clean attendance record with no sick leave or emergency leave, but you are taking a risk of infecting others in your company. And even people in public that you encounter. Just take a sick leave and rest. You need to use your body for a long time so you should value it. Well I am sure that your employer understands if you are sick. Just follow your company procedure on taking a sick leave and your records will be just fine.

  5. Take care of you own belongings and work space
    Clean your desk or work space by yourself. Don’t always hope for the cleaners to clean your desk for you. Not only it is your own responsibilities, you are a grown up or an adult. So you should really take care of this simple task by yourself. Clean work space translates your attitude towards your job and you can find your stuffs easier when they are well organised without disturbing your colleagues.

  6. Be mindful of office stationary and facilities
    Employers provides lots of free stuffs for the staffs. But that doesn’t mean you can hog everything by yourself. Those coffee/tea in the pantry are meant to be shared and maybe you can limit it to a max of 3 sachets of 3-in-1. Same goes with the biscuits and snacks. Be mindful of others. Foods are always limited so don’t go overboard. Remember kids, compassion. I have seen lots of employees using the office printer for their own personal needs, not for office documents or office usage. While using for just a few pages might be okay, but please don’t print the whole 149 pages of that cookbook recipe ebook with full color using office printers. That would be stealing resources? That is haram you know. Use office resources for office purpose only and if you need to use it for personal use, then ask permission for it.

  7. Be a team player and mind your manner
    Everyone loves a happy and fun person that lights up the room and make people feels comfortable around them. It is understandable if anyone is an introvert and really have no interest in socializing but working in an office environment requires you to at least mix up a bit with other colleagues. Help others, give suggestions, have lunch together. You know, the basics. You don’t have to go for a night out every weekend or join for karaoke session if you don’t want to, just don’t be too socially awkward.

  8. Office group chat is for office matters only
    This is one of the things that I hate about chats. Okay picture this. At my office, we have one group chat for all ladies staff. And then we have group chat for my department. And we have another group chat for my department minus the boss. And for every project, there will be a new group chat for that project which includes one or two client. And then another group chat for that project without the client plus another another group chat which is without the client and minus the boss. That is 3 group chats per project! This is madness I tell you! I hate the need for this. Why can’t we all just use the good ol email.

  9. Keep your phone in silent mode and minimize activities using your phone
    Be professional. Use the phone for communication purpose only and not for playing games during office hours or for chatting or the social media stuffs. Those can really wait during break or after office hours. Not only getting distracted from your work will decrease your productivity, it will also makes you an irresponsible person. Focus at the task at hand, and even if you are free, study something to increase your knowledge.Most people are annoyed by fancy and loud ringtones, so just keep it in silent mode but turn on the vibration so that you won’t miss an important call or message. Imagine chat notifications coming in during your discussions with your colleagues, that would be very distracting.

  10. Use a headphone to focus
    Listen to slow ambient music, maybe classical piano or even EDM as long as it can only be heard by you. Some low quality earphone have noise leaks which can be very disturbing to the person next to you whom not wearing an earphone. I love using Spotify to listen to music as there are many playlist to choose from. My selection at the office is usually electronic, metal or even pop. Depends on my mood and what task do I have on hand. Brain Food, Deep Focus and Perfect Concentration are some of my faves to focus at work.


Well I hope this helps as a guide or for a reminder in some ways. Feel free to add what you think is an important etiquette in the comment section. Drop me a comment! Great day peeps.

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  1. I love to listen to music when I am working. It helps me to keep calm and do my job better. I just use earphone with mic, easy to pick up any emergency call. Btw this is very good sharing!

  2. Ada benarnya…. terutama part pemakaian dan juga penggunaan bahasa…

    Dah lama kerja sendiri. So kebanyakan tetap diamalkan terutamanya jika berkaitan dengan business dan networking 😉

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