Review | Safi Balqis Oxywhite

Review | Safi Balqis Oxywhite



Safi have been a trusted brand since early 90s. It was one of the most favorite brand of among my high school peers back then. The green moisturizing cream have been a favorite to many including 2 of y sisters. It is a must use item for them till this day. They claim that it keeps away pimple and oily skins. I for one, love the Safi Rania Gold Range. I find the range very moisturizing for my skin. Great to maintain my skin. But today we are not talking about the old Safi range (still can be used no worries), I am here to introduce their new range.



Introducing the new Safi Balqis Oxywhite. It was the current craze that skincare products promotes their range of hydrating/aqua/moisturizing product lines. I guess since the climate change, the atmosphere have become hotter so the skin needs more hydration hence the craze of these aqua lines. The last time that I went for a facial, my beautician told me that skins that is dry tend to get wrinkles earlier and prone to pigmentation as well as may lead to sensitive skin. so remember, moisturize, moisturize , moisturize!


I have tried this Safi Balqis Oxywhite for around a month and here are my verdict. I super love the moisturizing gel. Really really hydrating. I usually wore it at night after the usual routine of face cleanse, toner, essence and then moisturize. The face cleanser is very good too, no tightening feelings and very moist feeling after cleansing. I applied Safi Balqis Oxywhite toner after cleansing and I must say they really do pairs well. It doesn’t really tightens your pores but it does well in maintaining your skin and repairs your damaged skin.


What is great :
– very moisturizing
– great with compact powder


What is less good :
– doesn’t mix well my foundation and tend to make my face looks cakey
– doesn’t absorb well. it kinda just stays on the skin


What is not great about the moisturizer is that it doesn’t really absorb well into my skin. There will always be a layer on top of my skin but once washed off, my skin still feels hydrated enough. And that is why I prefer using the moisturizer at night time before sleep.


After a month of use, my skin feels more hydrated and there are less visible lines on my forehead. My forehead tends to be so dry and lines appear when there’s not enough hydration.


safi balqis oxywhite



Safi Balqis Oxywhite range is available at all major stores in Malaysia. For more information do check out :

Facebook fanpage –

Instagram – @safimalaysia

Youtube SAFI –


11 Replies to “Review | Safi Balqis Oxywhite”

  1. It’s heartening to see how far Safi has grown as a brand. I still remember the time when Safi was just introduced. Was still in school then!

  2. This sounds like a good product. I have never heard of this brand before but I might check it out. I’m always looking for a good moisturizing product for my skin.

  3. I do noticed this brand for a while, but wasn’t really bother to try it out.
    Since I was looking for moisturizing gel lately, I will try this brand out soon.
    Thanks for the intro.

  4. you know, there are many Malaysians who rave about safi one point even my sister kept promoting it to me…wonder if I should try it or not…

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