Eid holiday 2017 | The trip

Eid holiday 2017 | The trip


Happy Eid everyone! I am sure that it is not too late to wish those celebrating a Happy Eid! How was your eid holiday 2017 ? I am sure everyone did enjoy the long weekend. In Malaysia we got a holiday from Saturday to Tuesday. That is 4 off days. A long weekend for the win! And then we didn’t get any holiday until the end of August. Hahahah.
Okay so this year me and my family celebrate Eid at Pahang first and then we went to Taiping for my father’s sides family and then off we go for a holiday in Langkawi. It was so exciting cos I haven’t been to Langkawi for more than 20 years. And this trip is the 2nd time I’ve been to Langkawi.

The trip

I celebrated the 1st and 2nd day of Eid in Bentong my hometown. Went visiting my relatives from my mother’s side of course. Met my close cousin who is now living in Janda Baik and we just chatted and catch up with lots of stuffs even though it seems that time really envy us that day. My cousin was one of my best buddies in our ‘girl gang’ back in high school. How I missed those days. It is our routine to go to visit our close relatives home in Bentong and Bilut during the first day of Eid. We usually stops until it was midnight. And then we start again tomorrow at other relative’s house. On the 2nd day we managed to visit only a few and then it is time for us to do our open house for our guest. This year my mom cooked her specialty Rendang Daging Hitam while both my sister and my brother in law cooked Nasi Minyak and Mee Udang for our guest. And that marked our first 2 days of Eid in Bentong!

eid 2017


We started our trip to Taiping on the 3rd day of Eid. From Bentong we drive through Genting Highland and took the road to Taiping via Batang Kali. At Tanjung Malim, we stopped by my mother’s sister’s house and we met my cousins there! It was a coincidence and a fun one at that! Pity MekTam have to entertain to 2 big families but it is Eid right? MekTam made a yummy Nasi Lemak and we gobbled it all including all the Eid cookies too. Hahaha buruk lantak sangat. Our journey continues to Taiping directly using the highway but we got stucked in jammed starting from Kuala Kangsar until Kamunting We stopped by at a mosque in Kuala Kangsar and took some selfies and ootds at the old mosque. We managed to get to our homestay at around 720 pm, went to eat out at a local Mamak restaurant and then spend the rest of the night sleeping.


masjid ihsaniah iskandariah kuala kangsar


On the day after, we had breakfast, do some laundry and then went to our relatives house at Batu Kurau. We had the best meal there! It was expected cos my cousins from Batu Kurau are all great cooks. After a heavy meal of rice and dishes, we even had some curry laksa. It was sooooo damn good. Thanks a lot cuzzies! My stomach love you. Afterwards we went to Disiniland. It’s a new attraction in Batu Kurau which is a petting zoo country style. I will post more about Disiniland Batu Kurau later on my next post. After our trip to Disiniland, we went to MakTam house in Changkat Jering. Annddd here comes more good food! We had some kampung Durian, Hailam mee and rice with Prawn masak lemak. Fuhhh my stomach! And we slept for our last night there in Taiping at the same homestay.

langkawi ferry


Fifth day of Eid, we start our journey to Langkawi via Kuala Perlis. We drove all the way to Kuala Perlis and took a ferry at Kuala Perlis. The kids were all excited for their first ferry trip to Langkawi. They really enjoyed looking at the sea, the islands and boat passing by. We arrived at Langkawi in about 45 minutes and our rented van is there waiting for us. My brother in law became our designated driver during our trip in Langkawi as my other sisters can’t drive while I am really intimidated by the size of the van. My father needs a really deserved rest from all the driving he does for us. Thanks a lot bro in law! We arrived at Langkawi quite late in the evening so we head straight to our homestay. For the first night in Langkawi we stay a bit far from Cenang beach but it was a really nice place cos it is not one way road like In Cenang beach area. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant later that night and head straight to bed. We checked out at around 10am the next day and went for breakfast a local stalls and then we went to Underwater World Langkawi. There are penguin here weh!! What a cute animal! (fangirling) Love love watching them. We then went to 2 different Langkawi malls and shopped at Haji Ismail Group mall for some chocolates and other stuffs.

Langkawi is a real beautiful place. I had enough vitamin sea during our trip there to survive me for at least 2 months. Our stay for the second day was at century Hotel Resort. It was originally Sheraton Langkawi but they have changed management. My brother in law drove us near to Andaman Datai where he and my sister did their Industrial Practice there back in their diploma days. The Andaman sea is subhanallah beautiful. No wonder the hotel price rates are that expensive. I want to go visit the Mahsuri house and tomb but my other siblings was uninterested so we went for a quick visit to Pekan Kuah and end up buying a new laptop for my little-but-gigantic brother. The price was less RM400 compared to KL so it was a good deal. During this trip, my sister went to 2 hospitals, one in Langkawi and one in Alor Setar. Both to take the nebuliser She had some heavy asthma attack and her inhaler doesn’t seem enough. Our trip back to Pahang was delayed for a day since we stayed at Alor Setar for a night the next day after we got out from Langkawi.

We finally head back to Pahang after our night in Alor Setar but we stopped by in Taiping to eat Yong Tau Foo and Cendol. Hoi we can’t missed the cendol in Taiping. We are so full after the Yong Tau foo and Cendol that we skipped eating Popia basah. We always had these 4 food if we went to Taiping each time : Cendol, Popia Basah, Yong Tau Foo and kuih Peniram. No trip is complete without these. But since we are so full regretfully, we skipped Popia basah. Hahahah. So that’s it on my eid trip, I will tell more about our homestay/hotel, the place we visited, the food and restaurants review as well as what bought during our trip on my next post. Stay tuned and thanks for reading! Till then.

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  1. sambil beraya sambil berjalan. seronoknya, alja dah lama tak berjalan dengan family sesejak emak tak larat sangat berjalan ni, hehe apapun. Selamat hari raya! 😀

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