Holiday to Johor via Traveloka

Holiday to Johor via Traveloka



Ibu, Asyad nak pergi jalan-jalan!“(Mother, I want to go sightseeing!) , “Ibu, seronok kan dulu mandi kolam yang ada hotel tu?“(Mother, it was great swimming in the pool at the hotel right?). These are just some of the things that my son Arsyad says to me almost every weekend or during his school break. It has been a while since we went for a holiday. The last we went was to Cameron Highland last year during eid al adha. My kids love swimming and playing in water parks and any pool or just water splashing. I’ve been looking at places I want to visit and I realise that I haven’t explore Johor as much and that I usually went to Johor just for a kenduri. Yeah, that’s it. Quick one day kenduri or 2 days the most.


Some of the place that I want to go is to Kota Tinggi waterfall and to Desaru beach. And to go to JB town itself while doing some shopping here and there. Attention : Johor Premium Outlet is a must visit. Hahah.


Kota Tinggi waterfall

Kota Tinggi waterfall is located 15 km North-West of Kota Tinggi Town. There are chalet, food stalls, swimming pool, wading pool, and water slides.


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The place is busting with people especially during public holidays. But look at the waterfalls! It is beautiful and very relaxing just by looking at it.


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Desaru beach

One of the best attractions in Johor is the Desaru beach. The white sandy beach is kept clean and the sight is really a sight to behold. Desaru beach is a very famous attraction for both local and tourist. Attracting people from all over the whole and especially Singaporeans, this place really lives to its name. I myself have fallen in love with beaches since my study days in Dungun, Terengganu. I will always try my best to go to the beach everyday, and kayaking near the beach side is my ultimate joy during the time.



And I have found a great hotel where I want to stay if I ever go to Johor for holiday. Through Traveloka web page, it was easy for me to find the best hotel within my budgets and the best one according to my travel destinations. There are a lot of promotions going on at Traveloka such as the syawal flight and hotel promo and weekend  promo. Not to mention the many payment options for booking a hotel or flight.


Based on my search at Traveloka, booking The Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is my best option for my need. Waterpark, checked. Spa, checked. Near to Kota Tinggi Waterfall, checked. Around JB town, checked!



Look at that aerial view of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort! This really made me want to go as soon as possible. Well, I’m still under job probation, 2 months to go! You just wait JB, I’ll be there soon enough.



And the most awaited place to be, the Desaru beach. That sandy white beach, blue turquoise ocean. sun, sea, sand. Perfect place for my holiday.



This view of Lotus Desaru Beach Resort is very welcoming. Really makes me want to go now at this moment.



And heres the best part. At least for my kids that is! The waterpark and pool. I am sure my kids are going to have a lot of fun here! I can imagine them laughing and playing and going on those slides until we are all tanned.



The rooms are nice too. There are many selections available of course. But this 2 bedroom suite is perfect for me and my kids.



Based on the review at Traveloka, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort scores 8.5 out of 10 which is a very good score. This is a totally recommended place to stay I must say. Its is so easy to look for hotels at Traveloka and easier to book them too. I am sure many will love Traveloka just like I do.


And for now, we hope this wish of mine will come through soon. Soon enough after my 3 months probation I will be there. Wait for me Johorians! So, any other place in JB you want to recommend? Put in the comment section yeah? Have a great weekends peeps! Love ya.



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