Easy photo printing from phone with Droprint

Easy photo printing from phone with Droprint




Hi readers! Fancy something to preserve your moments with for this coming Eid? Or any special and ordinary moments in your life. Droprint photo print service is the answer you are looking for.


I love my photographs in hard copy. Its nice to look at and the feel when I hold them is different than looking at my phone. I was introduced to Droprint app for quite some time already. And I just got the chance to try it recently. It was so easy! Hassle free and fast.



upon launching the app you this main page will be displayed. Here you can choose to print your photos to your choice of prints. There are Prints, printed photos, there are Photobook, a printed album of photos and there are Giftbox, photos inside a gift box.


You can choose your prints to be in the size of polastyle – polaroid like prints, isntastyle – instagram style which is a square size, and classic – 4 x 6 photo.


And then there is the photobook, the size is 6 x 6 , perfectly bind laser printed photo album.


This is my personal favourite, the Giftbox. a 4 x 4 photos in polaroid style packaged in a lovely giftbox. Great for gifts or for your own safekeeping.

I have made my own print photos using Droprint photo print, which can bee seen on the app, just touch the left menu, and you will see the above options. Tap on My Orders and you will see the project selected.

My finished project using Droprint photo print app. After i submitted my order, my order arrived in just 2 days. Look at what I got from Droprint below!


My printed photos! They are beautiful and sharp. The paper quality is nice too. The photos are now hanging at my bedroom and some I insert into photo frames. Overall, I love the ultra fast, easy photo print service. Droprint enables photo printing directly from my phone.


Check out Droprint FB page for more reviews.

Download Droprint app for your mobile phone below

IOS -> http://bit.ly/droprintapp
Android -> http://bit.ly/2jEBJP9

You can save RM5 on your first order! Use the code especially for my readers below.


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