Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan


How is your day so far? Me, I’m fighting my own eyes. Le eyes keeps trying to close. Darn I feel so sleepy! Since I start working again, my blog has been pretty much ignored. I just can’t find the energy to squeeze in time to write. Now I’m just finishing all the post that I owed from PRs and maybe that’s it. I’m not gonna commit to other blogging task again. And since my adsense kept getting disapproved, I have not motivation left to blog.

Today is Ramadhan day 3. Fasting is ok so far, not that hungry but I feel so sleepy cos I’m used to drink plain water a lot during the day. What is your aim this Ramadhan? Improve you solah, khatam the holy Quran or pray during the night every day. Whatever that is, I pray for istiqomah for both you and me. I need to fix myself. I want to be happy and fun mom to my kids. But nowadays I’m usually a strict, angry mom. I am no fun. I hate myself.

This Ramadhan, I hope I can be a less angry mom and be a better fun mom to my kids. I want to be remembered someday when they are older that I’m a fun mom and that they love their times with me. I am away from them for so many hours during working, and I don’t want to come home and be unhappy. I pray that i will be so positive, so happy so that my kids will be the same. I’m striving for their happiness. I got nothing else that I want right now. Only my kids happiness. May this Ramadhan be a point of change for myself. And for you too. Happy fasting and Salam Ramadhan.


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