Ramadhan Buffet 2017 | Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia

Ramadhan Buffet 2017 | Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia




Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia will be opening its doors and welcomes all members and the general public to its themed buffet named as “Selera Aneka Rasa”. This buffet will be available from the 29th May 2017 to 22nd June 2017.

This Ramadhan special buffet “Selera Aneka Rasa” will be charged at special rates. From the 13th April 2017 to 15th May 2017, there will be an early bird promotion for both weekdays and weekends priced at RM40 and RM60 respectively. After the promotion, normal pricing stands at RM50 for weekdays and RM70 for weekends. Children from 6-12 years old are charged at RM29 throughout the whole period. Senior Citizens are charged RM29 as well. Children under 5 years old eat for free!

The Ramadhan Buffet at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia featured a colossal menu variety. The menu was especially tailored to the taste of the special month of Ramadhan. Starters varied from Ulam-ulam, Mixed Garden Salad with Dressing, Kerabu Sotong and many more. Main course stand from Mutton Roganjosh, Nasi Beriyani Hyderabad, Chicken Butter Masala just to name a few.

Desserts complimented ranges from Assorted French Pastries, Assorted Malay Kuih, Assorted Jellies and Puddings. These are only a fraction of each meal category. If I were to list down all delicacies, this whole article you are reading will be a menu. arousing your taste buds. Let us view of some of what to offered here at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia for this holy month of Ramadhan.


The Ramadhan buffet was situated in the ball room of Kelab Rahman Putra. The whole space is very wide and airy. There will be a live performance daily here while you are enjoying your Ramadhan buffet.
What is the most seeked menu at Ramadhan buffet? Grilled lamb of course. Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia Ramadhan buffet 2017 features grilled lamb outside the main dining area at an open air space so that the smoke from lamb grill won’t effect your dining atmosphere.
Look at that juicy, crunchy lamb! Yumms!
The side dishes to be eaten together with the lamb frill, grilled veggies as well as barbecue, black pepper and mushroom sauce.
Another Malaysian’s favourite, otak – otak and satay. There are both chicken and beef satay to satisfies your stomach after a long day of fasting.
At the soup stall beside the Goreng – goreng (fried) stall , a soup stall was set up for soup lovers like me. Pair the soup with varieties of noodles and and their condiments.
Pictured here is the fried banana. At the Goreng – goreng stall, there is fried banana, fried jack fruit and many others.
 Head over to the Goreng – goreng stall for fresh crispy fried fruits varieties.
I love Laska Johor but can’t find a good one in KL. Here at Bukit Rahman Putra Malaysia Ramadhan buffet, the Laksa Johor is simply delicious and par to the taste from Johor I must say.
Loo at my first plate below. Satay, grilled lamb, grilled veggies and nasi impit with kuac kacang. Yumms! I finish my first plate in no time. Hahah.
Look at my happy face! The ambience in the ballroom is super nice. Pictured on my table is also some fresh fruits, cold cuts and salads, as well as bubur lambuk! A mix of malay and western dish there.
 And continuing to the other section, here are the many types of dates available according to your taste. And there is also serunding to be eaten together with bubur lambuk or also with lemang.
Lemang and serunding daging. One of my Eidul Fitri favourites. They are sometimes out of stock at homes during Eid, so we better indulge in while we can.
Next is pecal sayur. Its a mix of vegetables with nut sauce (kuah kacang). This was sort of rojak varieties.
One of the specialties here at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia Ramadhan buffet is Kerabu sotong. It’s a salad mix with squid. Apart from my favourite mango salad, the kerabu sotong is delicious too!
The many choices of ulam (fresh vegetables), budu, sambal belacan.
Main course dishes varies from Mutton Roganjosh, Nasi Beriyani, Spicy Lala and many others. I really can’t wait for Ramadhan to come and to go again to enjoy the buffet spread.
All my favourite dishes in a plate. Lemang and serunding, spicy lala, mango salad, and also pecal.
Me, my sisters, my cousin and my nephew all enjoy eating at the buffet here. The food was delicious! I have found my new comfort food here at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia Ramadhan buffet. Minestrone soup! it was good that I took two servings of it.
Here are mixed garden salads with dressings.
Cold cuts, chicken and sushi/bibimbap.
The dessert spread! Yayyy! Western desserts such as brownies, carrot cake, cheese cake, chocolate cake and assorted traditional Malay kuihs such as pulut panggang, kuih nona and kuih lapis.
Also available are a wide range of puddings and all time favourite, bread butter pudding.
To cleanse our full stomach, fresh cut fruits and rojak buah.
The many drinks available, cincau, soya, orange, zapple and also ABC (Air Batu Campur). The ABC is made to order, so you won’t get yours with melted ice. Fresh from the ABC machine!
And of course, kid’s favourite, Ice cream corner. I am sure kids will enjoy coming here and eating ice cream on repeat.
Thank you pr Haziq and Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia for inviting us to enjoy the delicious spread! Hope that we can come here again during Ramadhan.
 For more information :
 Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia Ramadahan Buffet Selera Aneka Rasa:
Early bird promotion from the 13th April 2017 to 15th May 2017
Weekdays RM40
Weekends RM60
Normal pricing (after 15th May 2017)
Weekdays RM50
Weekends RM70
Children from 6-12 years old are charged at RM29 throughout the whole period
Senior Citizens are charged RM29
Children under 5 years old eat for free!

For reservations please call : 03 6156 6870 ext 1903


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