Review | MOMMA® Pregolact™

Review | MOMMA® Pregolact™


Pregnant and lactating moms always have something in common, food supplement for daily energy use. For lactating mom, during confinement period,  a milk booster is a must as we are breastfeeding our kids at around 2 hours apart each day. Babies need to have the most from mom’s milk. There are many remedies, drinks, foods out there which promotes milk booster but today I want to introduce you to MOMMA® Pregolact™.


MOMMA® Pregolact™ is a goat’s milk formula best for conceiving, expecting and lactating moms. Each bottle of MOMMA® Pregolact™ comes machine sealed and with a milk scoop inside the bottle. I really love the fact that it came air tight sealed. It shows the production quality.


Upon opening MOMMA® Pregolact™ bottle, it has another lid inside to ensure air tight. Mine was chocolate flavour.
I have made this chocolate milk booster drink many times, and my sister who is currently pregnant joins too. I love the taste as it is not too sweet but really taste like chocolate. Most over the counter product in the market is too sweet and some pregnant mothers cant drink them like my sister. I am breastfeeding so MOMMA® Pregolact™ is a lactation milk for me and a pregnancy milk for my sister.
MOMMA® Pregolact™ is the only drink she can drink religiously everyday. I suggest that pregnant moms out there to try MOMMA® Pregolact™  instead of the brands that you may have tried but can’t consume. Goat’s milk is after all good for pregnant moms and MOMMA® Pregolact™ gives you that.
What makes MOMMA® Pregolact™ taste great?
  • Sugar free
  • Pure milk
  • No creamer
  • Low fat
 A good pregnancy milk have all the traits mentioned above. If you drink something with too must sugar, then wait for the regular follow up from your local Klinik Kesihatan. Hahah. My sister wasn’t afraid to drink MOMMA® Pregolact™ daily as her pregnancy milk supplements as it doesn’t effect with her sugar readings and etc. I also love to drink MOMMA® Pregolact™ as it has goat milk and it is good for my son. Great milk booster and great lactating milk.
Each bottle of MOMMA® Pregolact™ can serve up to 30 servings. It was suggested that pregnant mom to take it as a pregnancy milk for a max of 2 times a day and lactating moms to take it as lactating milk up to 3 times a day. As MOMMA® Pregolact™ is used as a milk booster, it is best that breastfeeding moms to pump a lot and do power pumping to promote more milk production if you are pumping for stocks. And always breastfeed your baby directly for each 2 hours at least.
3 great benefits of MOMMA® Pregolact™ :
  • As an energy replacement.
  • Milk booster! Increase breast milk production
  • Produce thicker breast milk

Testimonials of MOMMA® Pregolact™ 

MOMMA® Pregolact™ is proven best for milk booster. Babies are happy and satisfied after each feed as the milk is thick and that makes them full for a long time. Proven as a great lactating milk.
I used to pump milk at work, and some days, my milk production will be low. MOMMA® Pregolact™ helps with more milk production especially after power pumping. It is one of the best milk booster in town. And again, proven a great lactation milk and pregnant milk.
Summary of tips to boost milk supply :
  1. 1. Breastfeed. All the time, a lot. As early as baby’s first day born. The skin to skin contact itself is the best milk booster. Remember, supply versus demand.
  2. 2. Relax. It’s no use of stressing over how your milk is little when you pump. Or whether or not your baby receive enough milk while nursing. They were born with small stomach so it will be enough those first few days or weeks. Don’t worry!
  3. 3. Eat healthy. Some moms search high and low for milk booster, it is understandable for some need to stock up milk before getting back to work. Bear in mind that healthy food, will produce healthier milk for your baby, so get a good milk booster for yourself.
  4. 4. Pump milk. After getting all those drinks and food for milk booster, the best way to increase milk supply is to pump regularly. It best to start pumping during confinement period as you make your way to stock up till working day starts.
For those moms out there who is still searching for a good pregnancy milk or lactating milk, I suggest you try MOMMA® Pregolact™. I for sure love the taste of drink! And I know that my sister is going to buy MOMMA® Pregolact™ right after we finish this bottle cos she is going to have a baby soon! She is going to need a good milk booster for her baby.
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