Behind the scene of social media

Behind the scene of social media



I have been wanting to write about this. Our social media life. But I figured that I would lay back a little and observed for a bit more before I put this out here. What triggers me the most is from the people that I myself met out there, in the real world. I have met a lot of social media celebrities, icons, instafamous people, popular bloggers and event socialites during the many event I have attend as a blogger/media or as friend/relatives/fans myself.


Example A

Very bright and lively in her social media accounts. Her writings is also sounds friendly and fun. But in the real world during my meeting with her, she barely give me a smile, let even talk to me. I admit that I am not that much talkative myself to people that I am not really used to, but I did make an effort to smile and try to talk to hear. And all I get back is a yeah, ok, bye. I found that shocking. We are in a social media event for a review, but she is not willing to talk at all. I thought that it was just me, but I saw it was the same how she treat others. This really contradicts with her online media presence.


Example B

#couplegoals #relationshipgoals. The envy of instapeople. The inspirations for young, naive couples. Always with the lovey dovey instagram posts. It’s not fair for me to comment about this cos I don’t know what happens in their life, but believe me, don’t trust everything you see online. They might have that happy couple faces on in that instagram pic, but did you know that they fought to get that pretty pic? The man was forced to wear that matchy shirt and pose for the pic? We sometimes envy other people’s happiness that was portrayed online, but what happens sometimes is, it was just an act, and they in fact was jealous at you. My advice for young couples, don’t hurt your relationship in the process of you wanting the same perfection as others.


Example C

The make up guru. I don’t have anything against them honestly. It’s just that some people wear too much make up and that is what they always displays to other netizens online that they are unrecognisable when met in real life. Happens to me so many times that I am the one that gets embarrassed for not recognising them. I understand that to some, their social media appearance are everything, so they hide behind this mask of perfection too much that when their true self is revealed, it’s like you are a different person altogether. Lets take Kylie Jenner for example, she maintains her social media appearance as perfect as she is in the real world. So when you met her on the streets you can actually tell it was her. So for me, once in a while, let people see your naked face so that when I see you outside, I would be able to say hi to you and in return you won’t judge me as an arrogant girl. Yeah?


There is so many more different kinds of people and so many different approach to their own social media lives.Maybe more later, yeah? Oh yeah, Facebook had just announced that they are launching Facebook Space, an augmented reality world which will able to connect you anywhere in the world and be in that place, through the AR platform. You should really check the video out at Mark Zuckerberg Facebook. It’s a great technology but I’m afraid it will consume our lives too much if we are not careful. So, everything must be done in moderation right? Alright, till then. Have a great weekend lovely people.

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  1. Everyone is different and we unable to read their character through their blog. Some might need some warm up before know each other well.

  2. You have good observations. However, I believe that the persona that we project online may not be our real self. I am just one fine example. HAHAHA

  3. This is what I love about the internet, you would able to meet different people with very unique personalities. Some of them will piss the hell out of you but most of my bestfriends that I’ve found are through internet. Social media is really magical

    1. Its true that there are many different personalities all over. But I really hope that we won’t be consumed by social media too much that we became a different person all over.

    1. True. Even if they are not happy, they show their happy face to the world. That is quite sad I may say. But I guess some people need to show that face to others, for their own sake or for others.

  4. Hey ! You are cool to post this! Was about to do this too!
    My opinion and personal thought , I don’t really trust what people wrote to draw attention.
    I am a youtuber, I make baking & cooking videos. My intention was only share my hobby and interest.
    In real life, I talk to everybody and didn’t tell anyone I am a youtuber or a blogger. People see then people know, I don’ brag out it . Hahaha..

  5. For Example C, I don’t mind wearing a full face of make-up or just going bare whatever is on my mood. I don’t really care if someone sees me with or without make-up. However, I can’t speak for everyone. I’m happy you pointed it out but sad that it’s true too…

  6. Everyone is certainly different in their own way and I think in my own form, I am actually quite an introvert as well- a little shy but if people come up, I warm up to them quite quickly 🙂 Lovely post dear <3

  7. Haha i found this post amusing. Indeed those three examples are sort of a good way to describe social media influencers in sections.

  8. it’s true! but my personality or way of communication on social medias vary according to my mood of the day. sometimes hilarious sometimes boring to death LOL

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