Zac & Zibbo Kids Gym At The Parenthood Sunway Pyramid

Zac & Zibbo Kids Gym At The Parenthood Sunway Pyramid



Being in The Parenthood Sunway Pyramid last week was very exciting and fun for both the kids and me. The Parenthood provides its customers an avenue to varied offerings such as an exciting indoor playground for the little ones, F&B dining, fitness centre for adults and kids, beauty facial salon, family spa, health & wellness centre – the ultimate convenience all under one roof!



Introducing the Zac & Zibbo kids gym, a new addition to The Parenthood. Available for kids above 1 years old, the play system is well managed by Ms Cheryl. Kids were given a warm up session and then divided according to their age group.




Ample space for kids to run around and jump here and there. The equipments provided are kids friendly and safe to be handled by kids. No worries cos there will be staffs watching over our kids to either to operate the equipment or do some fitness regime.





Oh yeah, there is a basic fitness gym for parents too. Check out the place!



The family park also houses 45 retailers which offers a wide repertoire of baby care products, toys, clothing, stationery, educational materials and more. My kids were both getting crazy going from one shop to another checking out toys, clothes and food! From Grolier, Lamaze, Disney, Pigeon, Hello Kitty, SPM Games and many more! You name it, they have almost every brands for your kids there.



The main attraction of The Parenthood is of course the indoor Playland. The fun packed playland doesn’t need much introduction anymore. Trampolines, slides, obstacle course, flying fox, spider webs protected by safety net and safety playmats around the area. Both my son played for more than 2 hours before but of course their mother doesn’t have that much energy to wait and play with them anymore. Thanks to the friendly and trusted staffs that watch over my kids I can relax a little and got to the parent section at The Parenthood.



The Parenthood also consist of Salon for both kids and parents. Nestled in the heart of London Street Family Park are beauty salons that aim to spoil you and your child silly, with hair, nail, facial and makeover services, by highly trained experts. While waiting for your kids to play, go and get yourself a hair cut or a manicure! Time cleverly spent I must say.



After all the energy consuming activities, you can head to Lilipilly Family Cafe to recharged and to fill your stomach. From Nasi Goreng and Chicken Chop, they also have menus for the health conscious too.

One more thing to look out for is The Parenthood Preschool. Established based on the notion that academic excellence is not the only determinant of a child’s success in reaching his or her potential. Early development is fundamental to the growth of a child, hence the strive to create The Parenthood to be a place to learn, grow, share and succeed.



The Parenthood uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum based around the 7 areas of learning; 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas. Emphasis throughout the Foundation Stage is on engaging the children in first hand learning experiences with a very strong emphasis on play and early communication skills. Check out more on the Preschool here.

Thank you The Parenthood for having us!



Here’s a readers discount code for all programs at The Parenthood  for every sign up. The code is “kkw14” . It’s a 20% discount! Valid until 30.6.17.
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