Review | Goo.N Diaper Premium Japan Quality

Review | Goo.N Diaper Premium Japan Quality


My soon to be 3 years old son Aqeed is still using disposable diapers as his daily diaper. I have tried many brands before, as I am sure you moms and dads out there have been in the same situation with me too. Many good brands out there and this new brand I just discovered is one of them. Goo.N diaper is a premium Japan quality diapers from Japan of course.

Having to try the diapers at my son, I can say that it was good as the tagline promised. This Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition has 42 pcs of diapers in XL size and retails for RM36 at Lazada.



This diaper is good for both day and night use. The prints on the diaper itself is very kids friendly and the Doraemon and friends character is my kid’s favourites too!



Holding the pants itself, I can feel that it has a very premium quality diaper. The pants is stretchable without losing elasticity and not too tight. My son haven’t had any rashes or experience any discomfor while wearing Goo.N diaper. It was so fluffy soft that it was very comfortable. and another point that contribute to the comfiness of the diaper is it has better air flow design on the diaper.



My cheeky son trying out Goo.N diaper Doraemon edition. It fits him well and it doesn’t overflow after full use. You can see the diaper sags so it’s time to change to new diaper. But still, no dryness or discomfort experienced by my son.




Goo.N has other stuffs under its brand too such as baby wipe. The baby wipe retail for RM8 at Lazada. What is the cute penguin looking thing up there you ask? It’s a Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box. Retail for RM50 at Lazada website.

1 x Pack Goo.N Friend Pants Super Jumbo Doraemon Edition (M / L  / XL / XXL Size) [RRP – RM36.00]

1 x Baby Wipe [RRP – RM 8.00]

1 x Goo.N Limited Edition Penguin Baby Wipe Box [RRP – RM50]

Check out Goo.N diaper at Lazada website here.

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