My lil sis Asha warded

My lil sis Asha warded


My sister Asha was warded on Tuesday because of a lung infection. She is currently on her third trimester pregnancy. She is asthmatic but it got extra heavy because of fatigue and being pregnant I guess. I really pray that my sister will get out of the ward soon. And I pray that her baby is well and healthy as well.

She is currently warded at HDU in Hospital Temerloh. We sent her in to Hospital Bentong on Tuesday but she was referred to Hospital Temerloh for further check up with experts. My mom cried cos she was sent by ambulance to Temerloh. It was later we discovered that she have lung infection after a blood test. Today’s X-ray shown the infection is there. She is on antibiotics so she will be warded for a couple more days.

Speedy recovery my sis. We are all praying for your recovery. Guess we need to be more cautious in our diet more after this. No more icy drinks for you. May Allah grant you recovery my sister. Asha is my 3rd sister by the way. I pray that we are all healthy and well.

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