The effect of stress to your body

The effect of stress to your body


Stress is not something you should take very lightly of. It’s not some stuffs you just can ignore easily. Did you know that when you are stressed, you body takes the toll. It can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. Not to mention the emotional effect to your brain too.

To be honest, I have been extra stressed lately. I have been to a couple job interview but have yet to land any job with the company. I know that I have only been to a few and that others have been to much more than me, but still, it effects my mood a lot. I even fell sick because of it. In my mind, I always feel like running away from home. I want to travel and see places and get together with nature. I miss the smell of forest and river. For an unemployed person like me,  I can’t afford that luxury. I have so little savings that I have only enough for my kid’s school fees.

But, I am not going to give up. I can assure you about that. I have lost so much since last year and this year, and I don’t want to lose more anymore. I will struggle and work hard to get that new job. I really need to get a steady job cos I am by myself to support my 2 kids. I can’t rely on blogging/freelance/media jobs cos the income is not steady. My bills and commitment are on time, not like payments by those side jobs. But, I still am thankful that I have side income at least. Let’s just hope and pray that I will get more design jobs, event/media/product review.

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