Home Made Jamu Kempis Perut

Home Made Jamu Kempis Perut


Jamu Kempis Perut or roughly translated to Flat Tummy Herb

If you have been following my blog or Instagram for a while, you would know that I have made a home made herb drink before too. Jamu Asam Kunyit recipe here. I am a Jamu lover. I love the effects and I consider it more natural than those pharmcay pills. Hahah. But I do take those over the counter supplements too. Just that yesterday I was browsing to my saved pins on Facebook and then I saw this Jamu recipe. I was a bit free, and my jamu is all finished, I decided why not I give it a try. So here we go, below is the recipe.

Original recipe from Suzyhoney Herbs


1) 3 tablespoon of fenugreek. Soak for about 2 minutes then strain the excess water.
2) 3 cm of ginger
3) 3 cloves of garlic
4) 15 seeds of black pepper

Pound the fenugreek until finely ground. Add in ginger, garlic and black pepper. Continue until all ingredients are finely grounded.

Take a small portion of the grounded ingredients and roll it into a small sphere with your hands. Do for all remaining mixture.

Dry it out and keep in an air tight container. Place inside the fridge.

Eating instructions:

Take with warm water 2 times in the morning and 2 times at night after meal. Best taken daily to keep your tummy flat.

Who can take this herb?

Everyone including breastfeeding mothers and mothers in confinement. STRICTLY NOT FOR PREGNANT LADIES.

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