Pixajoy Photobook App x MOLPay

Pixajoy Photobook App x MOLPay


How many of you have printed out all those digital pictures that you stored in your phone or pc? If somehow your phone was stolen or your pc broke, do you have a backup copy? The safe way to keep all the photos is to backup at cloud storage or print it out.

Based on the fear of losing all the photos forever, I decided to print out the photos on photobook using Pixajoy service. Pixajoy offers wide range of photo printing via desktop or mobile app. Here’s a link to download the Android version of Pixajoy mobile application. Pixajoy app is only available in Google Playstore

Pixajoy Android Application ( Google store)

The mobile app is very user friendly and great first user experience. Everyone can make moments without any hassle. Not to worry about making purchase via the app as the payment method is powered by MOLPay.

After launching the app you will see this first. Select Create New to create new project. Then select the product that you want to create. Here I will select the Mini Softcover Photobook. There are many templates available for you to choose. Just select any of your choice or select a blank page template to create a custom one. Select template, and select Start Project. Then select photos! Yayyy! After you have done choosing photos and adjusting them into the template, select the green shopping menu as below.

Next is select the cover of your choice. Select Next and you will be prompted to insert details for shipping.

Here are the shipping options you can choose from. I just choose the standard Skynet delivery.

Afterwards, the details for your order will be displayed here. Select Next to proceed to payment page.

Select payment method. Here I select Maybank2U for payment method.

You will be redirected to the payment page handled by MOLPay here with all your information provided. Here’s a quick and easy steps to make payment directly from the app on your phone.

This is secure online payment system. Proceed with payment to be redirected to Maybank2U payment channel. MOLPay have made payments or purchases via app on our phone very easy and reliable. Gone are the days where making payments using mobile phones are considered unsafe and unreliable.

One click and you will be redirected to Maybank login page. Login to Maybank2U and complete all the payment steps. Simple huh? I can totally assure you that this a secure payment gateway.

After you have done the payment you will be redirected to a new page and the project you made will be uploaded to Pixajoy server. Yayyyy you have done ordering your photobook via Pixajoy mobile app! Even the payment method is very simple. Of course it is easy as it was powered by MOLPay!

Simple right? Hassle free too! I know you can tell that the payment procedure is a breeze! If it is powered by MOLPay, you can be sure that it is easy and hassle free. Secure too! Any app that uses MOLPay as the payment gateway is so far the most secure and simple I have experienced.

So that’s it! Enjoy your photobook or any product of your choice when it arrives later. I sure can’t wait mine! Ooh ooh, Here is something for my lovely readers!

  • Discount code – SOPHOTOBOOK
  • Enjoy photobook at RM4.90 instead of RM69
  • This discount code offer excluding shipping fee
  • Voucher Code valid till 30 September 2017.
  • Only applicable for Mini Softcover 6″ x 6″ Photo Book, 36 Pages.
  • Shipping fee: RM8 to West Malaysia, RM10 to East Malaysia, RM24 to Singapore (subject to 6% GST).
  • Only one (1) photo book purchase per account.

Enjoy! Can’t wait to see yours!

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