Event | International Women’s Day Celebration With Stellavingze

Event | International Women’s Day Celebration With Stellavingze


On 8th March 2017 last Wednesday, I was invited to an international Women’s Day celebration organised by Stellavingze at Bangsar South. 

The night was filled with some great inputs from great women’s leaders and role models. 

Media and bloggers
With blogger friends . Far left, Atie from www.atiehilmi.com, Kak Su from www.shuhaidakabdy.com, Kak Hanim from www.hanimhashim.com and me.
Puteri Umno from Lembah Pantai
The forum was filled with many great inputs. I was lucky to be able to attend the event which to celebrates us women. Listening to the talk, I gained lots of knowledge and felt that this was really empowering us women.
Below are some quotes from the panels that day.
Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Hajah Zaleha binti Ismail, Pengerusi Yayasan Suara Wanita (YASNITA)
– Women are unique as we can become great role model. Tan Sri mentions that she had helped her children achieve their ambition and supported them until they achieve their dreams.
– Nowadays, women are equipped with education and power to change the world. An educated women is capable of being an influencer and displays great and good behaviour.
Ms Wee Siew Ling, Pengarah Urusan Stellavingze International

– Ms Wee Siew Ling who acts as the Pengarah Urusan Stellavingze International told us that it is not impossible for women to do everything if we know how to manage our time. She quoted Datuk Stella Chin Pengasas Stellavingze Internasional’s formula “ Women’s happiness is = (+) love , (-) hate/anger, (x) blessings, (÷) gossips “ . To sum, women’s happiness are based on more love minus the hate, times all the blessings, and divided with gossip.

– To end her speech, she said that women are like water, that can adapt to many situations, but to never challenge us as a calm sea can also turns to a tsunami.
Datin Noor Faezah Binti Mohd Ashref, Naib Presiden Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang

– She believes that women can be great leaders by leading with passion and love which will eventually increased their employees and follower’s motivation.

– Commenting on the Yayasan Wanita Cemerlang activities, she said that people who are needy are hard to find therefore it is our responsibilities to seek for them via oraganization and volunteers to ensure Malaysia’s poverty level maintains low.


Datin Azizan Bt Hj Shariff, Pengerusi Majlis Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga, Parlimen Lembah Pantai

– Women who left their career to be a housewife must have more skills and good in business so as to add each family side incomes. For career women, she adviced that they should organize potluck or and events to srengthen the bond between friends and family.
  She also made a point that we women need s to always be patience, have strong deen and take care of our health
Cake cutting time!


The event then proceed to a cake cutting ceremony and lucky draw.
Photographed here are us women with our Stellavingze photo frame

And then there were lucky draws, lots of it that I lost count. Kind of jealous that I didn’t win any though. Hihi. Look at all the prizes below. There are more that I didn’t get to photographed.

Lucky draw winners

Thank you so much to Ivy and Diana to cos without them I won’t be able to attend this celebration. And I don’t think I will be much celebrated anyway. Hahah. 

More information on Stellavingze Smart Star and Stellavingze Guiding Star below.

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