Review | GT Mobile GT-888 smart phone hands on review

Review | GT Mobile GT-888 smart phone hands on review


My unboxing video here.

This is a hands on review of GT-888. During the launching of GT Group, we are introduced to the new mobile phone in town, the GT Mobile GT-888. We are lucky enough to able to experienced the phone first hand. I used this phone as my main phone for 2 weeks and below is my humble review.

Model: GT-888
Dimensions: 158.9*77.5*8.6mm
CPU: MT6735P 4*Cortex-A53 1GHz
GPU: ARM Malit720-MP1 600MHz
RAM: 1GB / 2GB
Storage: 16GB 
Display: 5.5”720*1280 pixels
Battery: 2550mAh
OS: Android 5.1
Camera: Rear-8.0MP,Front-5.0MP
SIM card: Dual SIM (SIM+MicroSIM)
WI-FI: 802.11a/b/g/n
USB: Micro 5pin
Bluetooth: 4.0
Positioning: GPS A-GPS



 Bottom speaker


Left side buttons – power button and volume button

Above view, head phone jack and mini usb port

Back view, rear camera lens and flash. GT Mobile logo and designed in Singapore decals.

The design of GT-888 is beautiful enough. Almost like an iPhone except for the huge rear camera lens. The weight is light enough to hold for a long period of time and the display is satisfying at 5.5 inch. Too big for me to hold with just one hand so I used to hold the phone with two hands instead. 

The phone body feels plasticky but the grip was good enough to hold and not easily scratched. The phone features a dual sim slot (sim and micro sim). 


Using android Lollipop 5.1, I would say this phone was a bit behind the current operating system. Most new phones are already equipped with android Marshmallow and android Nougat. On the first time turning the phone, the phone was quite lagging and slow. I proceed on downloading the phone updates which leads to another and another updates. I actually forgot to count but I think it was around 3 updates. The phone was not lagging anymore and the speed was good for a Mediatek chipset. 

Equipped with Mediatek 6735, it has 4 cores which is more efficient than 2 cores, but still, it only has 2 GB RAM. The speed while alternating between apps was good enough. Launching any app is fast too without any delay. I installed the Pokemon Go app on this phone and it was light enough for the phone compared to my Xiaomi which sometimes lagged while alternating app.

The internal storage is 16GB but expandable via external memory card slot.

There is not much bloat ware but there are several products under GT Group that a re already pre installed like the GT Dollar app and the GT Watch. The GT Dollar app is a great app where you can shop and save more money while shopping. Review on the app later.


GT-880 only have a 2550 mAH battery but it has a fast charging feature which what I liked the most of GT-888. In just 1 hour, it will be fully charged. This is really nice as at my house, my siblings are always fighting for charging port, and those phone that took too long to charged will always be charged half way to give way to other phones.


What features that you look for the most when buying a smart phone? Me, I always look for the camera capabilities first. GT-888 features a 8.0 MP rear camera and 5.0 MP front camera. The default camera app itself is nice as it have some extra modes such as Live Photo mode, Motion Track mode, Face Beauty mode, panorama mode and multi angle view image capture. Playing with all the camera modes was fun.

Check out the photo quality below.







I found the quality of the camera not satisfying. The focus is all over the place. It does captures close to the real color. But the fact the all the pictures seem to have beauty mode on them left me hating the phone for that. I just don’t like the default camera app. I have tweaked around all the settings but can’t seem to get the best setting for the camera. I recommend that GT-888 users to install Open Camera app on the phone. It captures more details and performs better even with selfie/front camera mode.

The last picture of my selfie is using the default camera app front camera with Beautify mode. I don’t like the Beautify mode, it applies too much blur on skin that it effects my eyebrows and made my face looks to smooth, even the eyebrows? That’s not good. What’s great about the front cam is that is have flash on the side. So, taking selfies in low light is possible. For those who loves to see their skin all flawless, I guess you will like this phone. 


PROS – Fast charging, great for android beginners.

CONS – Low photo quality, a bit pricey.

Thanks GT Group for a chance for me to use this phone as one of the first Malaysians to use this Singapore made phone. I am sure with future updates, the phone will perform much better. For now, it is good enough.

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