2016 | A look back – part 2

2016 | A look back – part 2


Part 1 of of my throwback 2016 here.
Hahah. I still want to do a part 2 because a lot happened this year. Even if they are not worthy of remembering, reminisced.

I changed job position.
Well, not of my free will anyway. But instead of not having any job at all, I accept this new position. From a graphic designer to UI Designer to Software Developer. Told my previous supervisor that I felt I’m being downgraded but got scolded instead. He said I should be proud, I was obviously being upgraded. LOL.

Five of my colleague left our company. Well, for this month that is. We did some farewell at the office and also outside the office.

I wish you girls the best of luck. It has been fun knowing all of you.

Well, that was pretty much it. I didn’t travel much this year and that sucked. I only go around KL, Selangor, Pahang and Kelantan. Man, I need to travel more next year.

Oh well, I’m out of ideas. By the way, do follow me on my public Instagram below.

Looking forward to a great new year!

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