That day you were told you look pretty

That day you were told you look pretty


Flashback to that day. I was told that I looked pretty.

I have always rejected compliments given to me. Because, I don’t believe them. Compliments, when received by me were always untruthful, words that were given to me just to used me. But, those words that I received that day, I really wanted it to be true. I want to believe they were true. Maybe for once in my life, I would like to hear those words without me doubting them.

Heart, I hope you will heal fast.

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  1. Compliments given whether in kindness or not, shouldn't drag you down. Bottom line is to how to think of yourself are – be confident in yourself.
    People judges, haters hate. Quite living in negativity and believe in yourself.
    Its hard at first, so take baby steps. May you find the strength to move on and have faith in yourself.

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