Review | Enchanteur

Review | Enchanteur


Enchanteur have been a long lasting fragrance and talcum brand in Malaysia. My dorm mates back in high school loved this brand as much as I am loyal to the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder. My mother in law always buy new stocks of this talcum brand and she always smell of the talcum powder. Enchanteur was one of the luxury but affordable brand for us students back then. And to this day, many of my friends still use this brand as their daily routines.

I received the box of this French inspired floral-fruity fragrances at work. Upon receiving and the holding the packages itself, I have fallen in love with the smell. The first product that I tried right then was the Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Parfum Lotion. I love the smell so much and it really absorbs well into your skin. I sometimes hates lotions for they leave this greasy feeling and doesn’t absorbs.


Infused with Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour fragrance to leave you feeling captivating and confident to flaunt your dewy fair skin
  • 5X instant fairness with Vitamin B3, Sakura and Liquorice extracts
  • Non-greasy formulation

The next day before going to work, I applied the Enchanteur Mon Amie deodorant before going to work. It was non sticky, absorbs well and the smell is not really overpowering. Some deodorants have very strong smell as to mask the body odour but tends to bring out a bad smell as the smell as the parfum mixed with the body odour. Enchanteur Mon Amie deodorant doesn’t, and it lasts for 72 hours! But I believe everyone showers at least 2 times a day right? Hahah. 


Infused with Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie fragrance to make you irresistibly charming while keeping your underarms feeling comfortably dry and refreshing.
  • Menthol – for a cooling sensation
  • Licorice extract – to lighten skin tone
  • 72hr malodor protection
  • 24hr anti-perspirant
  • No-sticky and gentle on skin

More about Enchanteur : 

And the day after, I used the 3rd product which is the Enchanteur Adore Parfum Deo Mist. Hah! My fave product of the bunch. One of the most non acidic feeling spray deodorant. Some product in the market really leaves a tingling sensation after application. This one doesn’t. It have a very light and nice smell, and last me through the day. 


Enchanteur Paris Adore Parfum Deo Mist enhances your fascinating beauty and provides you with 24-hour protection for total confidence all day long.

You guys should really check these out. They are available at almost all malls and supermarket near you. Create Magical Moments Every Day with Enchanteur. who doesn’t want that right?

More info on Enchanteur Paris range : 

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