Sunk Into The Womb

Sunk Into The Womb


The movie tells the story of a broken hearted mother of 2 kids. Being divorced with her husband, the mother suffers the pain of being heartbroken. The mother abandons her kids for days without nobody looking out for the kids and with no food to eat. This is a very silent movie with a slow pace but the end will make you cry and some even felt burdened and traumatized after watching.

This is a painful true story based on real life in Japan. The mother of the kids now in prison to serve 30 years of time. She said that she did what she did because she was sure that the kids will die by themselves after a week. End up that both of her kids died after she left. Why she didn’t gave her kids to the father, to another relatives, orphanage and so on,  the reasons being was she doesn’t want any strings attached to her kids while she lives anymore. She would rather have them dead than alive.

For me, this is a very sad and horrible things to witness. How can a mother be so cruel after having her heart broken as such. Her own kids from her own womb! There are better mens out there if she is so heartbroken over her ex husband. But to sacrifice her own flesh and blood over a jerk, I can’t really accept that. She deserves her prison time.

Moms out there, especially single moms, please don’t lose hopes. There are better mens for you. You have have your family for support. You have your friends to talk to. If all is not an option, pray to God, He will always be there for you, to listen to you. Never lose hope. We are mothers, we rock the world as much as we rock the cradle. Be strong.

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