Daniel Wellington Malaysia

Daniel Wellington Malaysia


I was introduced to this brand by this one Malaysian fashion icon/role model lady. I was hooked by the simplicity and the elegance of every design.  

From the hip teenage stylistas to stylish chic women and men, they all own at least one Daniel Wellington watch at some point. Known for its timeless and elegant design, Daniel Wellington Malaysia is now a wardrobe staple. What makes the Daniel Wellington watch very much sought after? 
Take a peep into the story behind its creation! It began when founder Filip Tysander met Daniel Wellington, a dapper British gentleman with impeccable style and a fondness for wearing vintage watches paired with NATO straps. Inspired by this timeless style, Filip created a line of watches known to many today – Daniel Wellington.
The design itself is uncomplicated. The subtle key details gives off a minimalistic yet refined vibe. For the unpretentious, the Daniel Wellington watch exudes an air of confidence and boasts a classy aura to its wearer. 
Another point of the Daniel Wellington watch would be its interchangeable straps which adds to its appeal. You get to choose between NATO straps or leather straps depending on what you feel like on a particular day, mood or occasion. If you’re clueless about what a NATO strap is, they’re pioneered by the British navy from way back in the 70s but as you can see, it’s making a comeback with a bang.
The Daniel Wellington leather straps are made of genuine leather and vary in different cool shades of brown and black. The leather straps are also paired with a silver or rose gold plated brace for extra uniqueness. 
Daniel Wellington watches are wearable for just about any occasion. Be it a casual bicycle date with your significant other or even for attending a black tie event that exact evening. Feeling adventurous? Have a different strap for everyday of the week. That way, you’ll never run out of options. 
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I sure hope that this will get you hooked to the Daniel Wellington watch too! I sure am! Hope I can get mine soon.
Later peeps!

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