Of changes

Of changes


Drastic changes have been happening around me these past 3 weeks. A coupe of days more will make it a month. Changes in my own household, my job and my life. While some are to be cherish and thankful for, there are some which I still can’t get my head around it yet. Changes are hard sometimes, and drastic changes are harder than that.

I have change my home address yet again, changes my job scope(well not change, but add more), and my own life have change a lot now. DS1 Arsyad is now in a new kindergarten. I am glad he learns fast and makes friends in just 2 days. Alhamdulillah. At least he is adapting well, if he is not learning well. But he is learning well, so bonus points!

On unwanted changes are my colleagues leaving the company. I have been in my company for almost 4 years, yet I felt that I am fairly new at doing my job. I am still learning new things everyday. When someone who have been your comrades left, it hurts and makes you wonder what is so bad that makes them left or what is so great out there that they wanted to change company. Of course, there are more adventures out there. Well, I pray for the best for them.

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