Whatever comes to mind

Whatever comes to mind


Please. Something. Come to mind. My boss said, while grooming us programming, just type anything, the answer to the question, will somehow come. Cos, we sometimes, know how to solve it, but we can’t remember it. So, something will come. Then I keep on hitting command+s cos I don’t really know what to type. Krik krik krik.

I work with a team of awesome designers and programmers. Each have their own ways of solving. We spend our free time solving riddles/puzzles. Trying to solve these question, reveals how our my minds work out the question. Some, look at the overall problem, while some look at the complex details. That is why we have proverbs like “So many men, so many minds”, “2 heads are better than one” etc. This shows that we are all different in solving things. If you expect someone to think the same as you, then you are wrong. You might came up with the same answer, but your way of solving, your speed of solving is different.

There is this someone, close to me, who always expect that I can think as fast as his and give the same answer as his. We might have things in common, but we have a very different ways of thinking. In fact, we argued a lot because of this. I think it is not fair for me to be expected to behave that way. I have my own opinion, while he always wants me to act like him. I always die a little inside. But I pray, someday we will come to an agreement.

Well, times up for waiting for something to come. At least I came up with something right? Haha. I’ll go on and solve a puzzle or something. Have a great holiday. Till then. Bye.

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