Sunday blues

Sunday blues


How’s your day darlings? It’s the weekend yet I’m already feeling the blues. Can’t be monday blues is here already? The commute to work is tiring, I hate being crammed in the LRT. The good side of having to go to work by LRT nowadays is playing the Pokemon Go. I don’t play at home, so only during commute. Almost all LRT stations have Pokestops. And I got some cool Pokemons at the stations too. It’s a nice distractions to have and to spend time. But if my phone is low on battery or I feel to dizzy to play on moving trains, I’m straight back to my novel. 

I just started to read Stephen King’s The Cell. I enjoyed it so far, as all of the previous Stephen King books. Hahah. And talking about book, I just remembered I haven’t bought the new JK Rowling – The Cursed Child. Arghhh stressed! Ok that was hyperbolic. I just wish I could buy it as soon as I received my salary but there’s a slight problem for our salary payment this month. Sucks for us, yeahhh I know. But I pray for my employer, that all the payments by our clients will be smooth sailing, and all our project are completed on time.

I noticed during this couple of months that I now love my job. Not that I hate it before, but I just fell in love with my job back again. Just like when I first love my job with the first company I worked with. My team, the UXUI team are simply the reason I enjoy my job. Even though the boys are sometimes stupid, uncensored and rough, but I am pretty much the same. We clicked. And their support are the best too. Even though our boss pushes us hard to learn programming and design, but that is what makes me want to stay. Not being at the same level from then till now. Getting better for the sake of ourselves. Well, to sum it up, I feel taken cared of. 

A bad job with a good boss is better than a good job with a bad boss.

But, my job wasn’t bad either, so huge points! Yay!

I better stop typing and start staring at my wardrobe to decide on what to wear tomorrow. Every girl’s hugeee problem. I should have bought only black clothes, pants, skirts and scarves and then rotate. That way I won’t have to decide what to wear everyday. And the problem of feeling nothing to wear while looking at a wardrobe full of clothes. Salma you ungrateful person, you. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow and the day after will be full of sunshine and rainbows. Good night. Hugs and kisses.

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