Mamypoko pants for Aqeed from Japan

Mamypoko pants for Aqeed from Japan


Cewahhh from Japan right. Come on, forgive this new mom, quite new anyway since I only have kids for 5 years now. Kehkeh. Mamypoko is one of diaper brands I have yet to let my kids try cos of the slightly expensive price. But like Malay proverbs say, “Tak kenal maka tak cinta”, you won’t love something/someone unless you understand them. Same like this diaper, once I let Aqeed use it, I can see he is really happy with the diaper cos doesn’t even want to take it off after he pees in the span of few hours.

Here is Aqeed with Mamypoko pants L size for boys. There is a different on diaper design between boys diapers and girls diaper. So cute!

Fun boyish design for boys. But girls can use them too if the like!

Key point for the Mamypoko pants:

Superior Absorbency
Enables longer use up to 10 hours keeps baby comfortable all day long.

Breathable Waistline
Keeps baby’s skin cool.

Triple Fit
Keeps pants from sagging and prevents leakage between the legs.

All-Round Stretch
Soft and comfortable fit in every movement.

What more can you ask for? For the price, I now firmly believe this to be one of the best disposable diaper for my kids. Good price for your kid’s use.

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