The Parenthood Tallest Wooden Block Tower Contest

The Parenthood Tallest Wooden Block Tower Contest


Last weekend me and my boys went to Sunway Putra Mall KL to have a look at the Th Tallest Wooden Block Tower Contest at The Parenthood. The contest was organised by SPM Games. 

SPM Games was founded in 1976 by Perak born inventor Ting Sie Bing. SPM Syarikat Permainan (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is the largest board games and indoor games creator and manufacturer in Malaysia. Presently, SPM produces over fifty range of games and sells over 150,000 sets annually. Their games range from strategy games to classic games to modern traditional games.

Apart from making games to be played on the table, SPM also have ventured into making giant size games and organising giant size game events at many shopping malls around the country. These XL games as we call them, bring board games fun and excitement to a mass number of crowd. Game playing now is not limited to a few but played by many at one go.

Live from the contest

 The contest starts at 1 pm and ended around 6pm. Challengers try and build the highest block tower in 8 minutes. Then the tower will be measured by the staffs and scores are kept.

Kids and parent building tower blocks together

You can try and build multiple times

The contest winner will get to walk away with a one month unlimited pass entry to Parenthood Playland worth RM 1,130 and SPM Carrom Jr. Traveller worth RM 90. The contest was fun with the staffs supporting the players and their family cheering.

The winner!

Champion 2.11 the tallest (new record in block wooden tower contest within 8 mins)
First runner 2m
Second runner 1.94m

After the game, me and the boys went and explore around The Parenthood as well as went to the Parenthood Playland which was previously know as My Kingdom.

Faber Castell shop and activity spot

toys store

salon for kids and parents

Arsyad inside playland balls area

Aqeed enjoying playland 

Having a blast

Me and husband really love the playland. My kids loves the place more of course. The staffs there are very helpful too. I like that the playland is not too huge but at the same time packed a lot of games in there. If it were to be more huge, I think I won’t last long in there. It’s tiring to chase over my kids! Hahaha.

We love all the facilities in Parenthood too. They have everything for the kids but not to forget the parents. The street of London concept is very catchy. They have shopping stores, salon for both kids and parents, cafe, toys shop, huge nursing room for moms to breastfeed or change nappies in. Parenthood also have a huge room for birthday party event or any event you would want to organise for your kids. Next time we go there we will definitely try the Nerf gun spot area.

Cupcakes from Catherine Cakery Pic Credit : Weekend Treat

The cupcakes doesn’t last long at all. My sons hogged them as soon as they say it. Furthermore it was spiderman motives. Yummy cupcakes are from Catherine Cakery.

Goodies from Faber Castell! Pic Credit : Weekend Treat

We had a really fun day at The Parenthood. We definitely join their next event for sure. Speaking of that, here is the next event this weekend.

Parents, you should bring your kids here for fun family times! 

Till then. Bye.

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