E-light treatment at Pink Passion the Signature Salon

E-light treatment at Pink Passion the Signature Salon


Hey there beautiful people. How your Raya preparation? Most people starts the month of Ramadhan buying new facial products, book for facial and skin treatments with hopes that they will have the best skin condition during Raya celebration. The needs to look pretty during Raya not only includes the Raya outfit, but also the face to don the make up on.

Picking up a wrong skin products will make your skin worst, and not only that, you will look terrible during Raya and will lose a bit of confidence while meeting people. Less enjoyable celebration. Believe me, I know that feeling.

Well, for this Raya, I’ve decided to go on and try the E=light treatment by Pink Passion Signature Salon. Located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, Petaling Jaya, the salon is easy to get to and easier to find using Waze.

Pink Passion

Being inside the salon, it was really nice and comfortable and you really get the warmth and peaceful feeling of the thoughts of getting pampered.

The reception

waitng/chillaxing area

The treatment room I was in that day

Yayyy for the fairy lights! I really love them. Makes me feel all excited and girly.

The treatment I was going for was a new treatment by Pink Passion which is the E-light treatment. The E-light treatment is using the E-light Derm Lift Technology. E-light system mainly works based on technologies with bi-polar radio frequency + IPL + contact cooling. Using IPL + RF technologies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation includes wrinkle improves, skin lifting,acne and pigmentation removal, and vascular or capillary lesions improvement.


 Excuse all the censored images. A girl need to cover her aurah. A girl will blur he mosaic her photos. Damn I can’t wait for next Games of Thrones episode! Hihihi out of topic.

My beautician

The SSR/SHR machine

 The SSR/SHR machine delivers at950nm deep, it goes deeper than the CO2 machine. The SSR machine offers skin rejuvenation which reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damaged/spots, wrinkles, facial veins, large pores and also skin rejuvenation and v-lift.

Goggles for protection

The treatment is quick, safe and painless. It uses light pulse, with high pulse repetition rates. Some will feel a slight heat around sensitive areas light the neck area. The heat for me is very low and doesn’t feel like a heat at all just like a light touch. The machine have a large cold head to transmit the pulse.

My beautician starts the treatment by cleansing my face with cleanser, removes all the make up, moisturized it and then applied some cooling gel. While pulsing the heat from the machine, she reapplied the gel to ensure to cool the spots where the pulse hit before. It was really a fast procedure and pain free. After she finished the light treatment, my face was cleansed again and then applied with a goat milk mask.

After half face treatment by the SSR machine

Based on the picture above, my face was slightly lifted up on one side, and the other side was still saggy. The lifting effect was visible immediately after the treatment. The left side of my face was slightly lifted, my laugh line reduced, and the area surrounding my eye was lifted too. My beautician recommends frequent visits for really youthful looking skins. Since your skin healed in about 28 days, you can go for the treatment at least once a month, or once in 3 weeks but not more than that. Give your skin a chance to heal yeah?

Overall, I was satisfied with the E-light treatment by Pink Passion. I would really recommend my readers to go for it. Go for a safer methods for fast visible results. Here is your chance to experience the E-light treatment yourself. Get savings up to 82%! Just present the voucher and say you were invited by me.

Print and present the voucher at the counter

Grab this offer to be good looking for Raya!

Here are the outlet detail.

Sunway Mas outlet
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya,

Tel : 03-7805 7285
Fax : 03-7805 7286

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