Printed satin scarves craze

Printed satin scarves craze


Hey there girls and boys! To day while scrolling my instagram feeds, I can’t help but cries tears of joys at the latest trends in Malaysia hijab community. I am that happy and excited! What I love most currently is the pastel satin shawls/scarves.

I love satin material, and I love pastels colors. The combinations will make every girl’s face look so soft and beautiful. I am grabbing some for Raya and not for Raya I will buy them nonetheless. Lol.

Here are some of my favorites.

Shawl by V Snow. This is new I believe. Love the flower print.

Ameera Zaini. Just heard of them yesterday. Huge selections too.

One of the most famous. Leeyanarahman x Fara Hanim. Love their prints!

Ariani square printed. Super love! All designs are a must have. Inspired by Siti Nurhaliza.

The brainchild of PapaMumu @adliehassan & @annaseaskey. A newborn magic to meet the creative demand of our customers and to quench the ever thirst for new and elevated designs from Mumu Scarves™ . Paying homage to the exclusivity & individuality of our classics, the intricacy of it all will dazzle your senses. Both our founding fathers PapaMumu @adliehassan & @annaseaskey only envisioned the best in fabric selection as well as innovation in custom prints for these noteworthy pieces . The Poppy flower resembles peace and calmness for it being the quintessential of tranquility & forgiveness. Achieving sophistication with the simplest efforts, one of the attributes our customers always seek for in our products. . Specially designed and crafted in 5 unique, soft & delicate shades of pastels to soothe your Lebaran mornings, leaving you with a sense of velvety elegance. . You will definitely be aware when you purchase a Mumu Scarves™ product when it requires close to no efforts in ironing and shaping. Rest assured that its material lets you breathe and comforts you with its invigorating senses. . Yet another superb work of art by PapaMumu @annaseaskey & @adliehassan. We present to you, POPPY SERIES by Mumu Scarves™ . #MumuScarves #MumuRaya2016 #MumuPoppySeries #PapaMumu #iAmMumuDolls 🍂
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New from Mumu Scarves. Their shawl materials are superb. So I believe this will be great too.

Super cute prints. Twinkle by Elfira Loy.

OWL by Nora Danish. With premium prices, the prints are beautiful too. But I don’t know about the material cos I don’t own one yet.

Duck scarves. Another premium brand. Their printed shawls are all limited edition. The shawl hem and their material are great. My sister fave brand.

I’m so in love with the fashion industry in Malaysia currently. Huge choices of not too weird hijab styles. I like how we can style the shawls to be bawal like and bawal square to be styled like a shawl.

Sugarscarf luxe printed 2015

Sugarscarf is one of my current favorite brand. I hope they will come out with a pastel printed too. The one above is from last year. They are coming out with new prints this Raya too. Oh my money.

This scarves are really in trend for this Raya 2016. I hope this helps you to window shop faster and get one for this Raya. Sorry for not linking directly to their instagram. Just search the names in instagram yeah?

Alright. Till then. Happy Iftar!

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