Picking up a new habit

Picking up a new habit


Sure sounds like I just pick up a bad habit. But that really wasn’t it. I am actually trying to push/train myself to pick some new habits. Good ones.

What I’m trying to achieve are:

  1. Learn Javascript/ Jquery
  2. Read a book 
  3. Teach my kids new things everyday
From what I observed, I am the type that can’t start big right away, so I learn I need to start small, a little bit at a time and increase gradually. Learn programming at 1 half an hour for start, and now I can focus for 2 hours.
I got bored easily, and tend to lose focus fast when I’m not in the mood or feeling less interested. So I can’t have many habits trying to achieve at a time. Focusing at a few (in current case, 3) will keep me on track and really focus.
For when asked for the reasons I want to pick up this habit, one, I need to step up in my career field and by learning to program, I’m open to a huge job opportunity. Two, I need to finish all those books I got from the big bad wolf sale so that I can get more new books! Haha. And three, I find that I spend the times with my kids for pointless not worth remembering, and non educational stuffs. This really worth my focus for.
All right then enough blogging time for today, time to pick up that new skill!
Have a great weekend!

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