New wearable | Mi Band Pulse quick review

New wearable | Mi Band Pulse quick review

My new wearable device has arrived! Yay! Such a joy to receive a present from myself. Hahah.
Since I have reviewed a wearable before, the Misfit Flash, so this will be on the same format. A quick review and a one month hands on review afterwards.
My Mi Band Pulse arrived on 11th April 2016 delivered by FedEx around the noon direct at my office. I ordered the Mi Band Pulse from Mi Malaysia at on Thursday 7th of April 2016. I completed my order at around 3 pm on thursday. So, it’s a fast delivery just like everything that I have ordered from Mi Malaysia before this. 
This is my fourth order from the site, my first order being the Mi 3, second was Redmi 2, third was Mi 4i and Mi Band Pulse was my latest.
Mi Band Pulse came in the recycle type box just like all their product.
The back of Mi Band Pulse packaging
Inside the box, we can see the tracker peeking nicely from their packaging.
The tracker
By removing the lid, it then reveals the black strap which is the band for the tracker, the tracker charger cable inside the box beside the strap, the tracker and the user manual.
Black strap, charger, tracker and the user manual

Tadaaaa! The tracker snaps in easily enough to the band. While I use the second last button to fit the band to my wrist. The Mi Band Pulse is light enough you sometimes didn’t notice it was there.
To get started, download the Mi Fit app from Google Playstore or App Store if you are on iOS.
Battery level at 41% when I unboxed them and at 38% after syncing and installation
Basic settings for first time use

Well, as of today, the interface of the app have pretty much changed after the update yesterday. I will update more on the app on the next post.

For now, this band is definitely on my wrist as my fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and my alarm. Did you know that this band vibrates to keep you notified of notifications and alarms? This is what I loved most compared to my last Misfit Flash.
More updates on next post!

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  1. My husband is using this… you can cheat abit by putting it on the hand that moves more, like when you are scrubbing dishes or swinging your hands. It will calculate as running as well.

  2. wow. love that there is one more choice for health fitness tracking purpose. I really love all these gadgets as it really acts as personal healthcare assistant. Will definitely check out.

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