The Future of Parenting | Fisher-Price

The Future of Parenting | Fisher-Price


The future of parenting as predicted and planned by fisher price. For a company who have been in the industry for more than 80 years, we can actually take their words for real. I think it is really fascinating to watch these future video concept. We already have the technology to make all those inventions real. 
I personally love the part where all the holograms appear when the older kid is holding the toy. It’s like magic,like living in fantasy land. Yeah well, I love fantasy movies, so having to get them in real life is so darn cool wei! The toy itself seems to be made using 3d printer which are already available in the market currently. But the one in the video, the dome like printer design are much cooler looking than the current ones. Hehe.
Hope I can see these inventions in the near future for I wanted to experience it myself as a parent. 

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