Teaching Quran using Iqra’ System

Teaching Quran using Iqra’ System


My son is 5 years old this year. Every parents wishes to see their son’s different progress all the time. I want to live to see my son finishes reading the holy Quran and memorize it if he could. The first step I can do is to teach him the basics for reading Quran. Back in the days, we started by using the Muqaddam. Nowadays, there are many kinds of method available to teach beginner Quran. One of them is the Iqra’ method.

I have yet to buy the physical book, but I have downloaded several apps on my phone to teach iqra’. I have started teaching Arsyad slowly after I finished work at night. It’s quite a challenge cos kids that age love playing and is hard to focus. Slowly but surely InsyaAllah. I’ll share the apps with you later. Today I’ll share 6 pdf’s Iqra’s book with you. I have uploaded them to my google drive account so you can easily download them.

Click here to download whole Iqra’ 1 – 6 

If your connection is slow click below to download individually.

Click here to download Iqra’ 1

Click here to download Iqra’ 2

Click here to download Iqra’ 3

Click here to download Iqra’ 4

Click here to download Iqra’ 5

Click here to download Iqra’ 6

All files are pdf files. Open them using your preferred pdf viewer.
May it be beneficial.

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