Nasi Air Dingin Kelantan

Nasi Air Dingin Kelantan


This is the very famous Nasi Air Dingin from tumpat, Kelantan. It is one of the varieties of nasi berlauk from Kelantan. This one I bought in KL which the seller said it was fresh from Kelantan cos they get the stocks from KLIA airport. Freshly imported from Kelantan. 
There are lots of sellers for Nasi Air Dingin, but this one is from Husna Nasi Berlauk. The one that bought here includes rice, chilli sambal, and chicken gulai. In Kelantan the price is RM3, and in KL it is RM6. Overall, it satisfies my cravings for Kelantan food once in a while, so its all good. 

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