My family, my strengths

My family, my strengths


Today was supposed to be like any other Monday, the rush, the after effect of weekends, the laziness to go to work. But today, somehow, have become a great day after one unexpected meeting with my own sister, on my way to work.

I was eating donuts at the erl station, waiting for my erl to arrive as I have missed the early train. So, I need to wait for another 25 minutes. So, with heavy hearts but no other options, I waited at outside the erl gates eating donuts, which by the way, I don’t usually do cos 1, I always bought the ticket then get through the gates and waited downstairs, and 2, I don’t usually eat Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

And while waiting and eating, and me being not familiar with the donuts fillings and choices was surprised that the donut I’m eating contains chocolate stuffings which is a LOT, then said to myself, “Damn, that is a lot of chocolate, I am going to be fat for this”. And suddenly, I heard a loud “Kaklong!”, oh hey, “Adik!” I shouted. My sister Aishah is in front of me, back from her trip to Jakarta. I didn’t know she is back today, and I didn’t expect to meet her there at all.

I hugged her, and my cousin that came together with her. And to cut short, we talked and talked on the way to get inside ERL, and inside the ERL until I arrived at my station and then said my goodbye to them as they are going to a different station from me. After getting off the ERL, I felt so energetic, so happy. And that kept me thinking while I walked to get to my office.

Why is the meeting with my sister changed my energy and mood that much? I was surprised myself how happy I am today. I feel fresh and happy. Really happy.

Then it hits me that, each time after I went out with my sisters, my parents, I will feel extra energetic, refreshed and happy. You know now what that is to me?


Of all the times, when I am down to my last bit of strength, last bit of patience, I seek for strength from my blood family. Whenever I didn’t have the hearts to tell them I have problems, they will somehow knew. They are always there, ready to make me strong again, to get me back up again.

I am really thankful. I have 5 great younger sisters, 1 great younger brother, and 2 great parents. Just seeing their faces, is such a boost for me. I don’t know since when I have look at them for strength, but I am glad. I am glad I have them. I sometimes feels like I have burdened my family a lot with my emotional life rides and problems, but I hope that someday, I will be the source of strength for them too. Thank you guys, for being there for me. I can’t trade this treasure for anything else in this world.

THANK YOU. Love you guys so much.

Not to forget my husband and my kids too, We are stronger together don’t we? Let us be, stronger together, happy together. Moga Allah setuju.

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